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The world's first RFID Blocking Money Belt with hidden expansion zipper, so you can pack a little or a lot! Organize and protect your travel valuables with four smart storage compartments and RFID-blocking material.

ZEROHOUR ZIP Expandable Money Belt reinvents a travel essential for modern needs. Built with premium materials for premium protection, ZIP keeps your most valuable items hidden from thieves. It also blocks RFID readers from stealing personal information stored on your IDs and credit cards.

Four zippered compartments organize your items for easy access and retrieval, with specially designed pockets for your smartphone, tickets, credit cards, and a rear hidden pocket for your cash/passport.

When you want to let it all hang out, convert your belt from ZIP to hip with the expansion zipper.

Don’t get caught fishing through a large backpack, snatchable purse/wallet, or loose pockets on the street. ZIP holds your items in one place, the safest place, attached to you!


Thieves love tourists. We're often disoriented, walking slowly, studying signs, observing the scenery, snapping photos. Our lack of awareness makes us a ripe target, and many pickpockets employ tricks and schemes vs. outright robbery. While we’re struggling to stay awake in a distant time zone, they can strike before we know it:

“We had been on planes for 30 hours. Putting our bags down to look at the metro station map, we were approached by a couple who said I had a stain on the back of my shirt. By distracting our focus for just a few seconds, a third person swiped a bag with my laptop, cash, and phone. We never even saw it happen.” — Paul N., Los Angeles, CA

With so many travel items to manage (phone, credit cards, passport, rail passes), we often lose track of our stuff without the help of thieves. Traveling is not part of our normal routine, and it’s easy to forget something crucial along the way:   

“Everything went into my front cargo pocket: wallet, keys, phone, camera, passport. My system worked great, until my passport disappeared. I checked a million places and spent hours trying to track it down. My passport was enormously difficult to replace, and what’s worse is it’s in the system now. Every time I travel, immigration officers ask me about it.” — Martin G., Paris, France  

In a survey of U.S. travelers, 1 in 10 reported their smartphone lost or stolen while traveling, with credit/debit cards close behind. Hopping from stations to restaurants to hotels, it might be hours before you realize you left your wallet in another country.

Travel expert Rick Steves’ top recommendation to avoid theft? Wear a money belt. "More secure than a travel wallet, money belts are your key to peace of mind. I never travel without one."

We created ZIP to be your one and only belt for all your travel needs.

As experienced designers of tactical everyday essentials, we wanted ZIP to be strong and durable, yet comfortable to wear against your body for long periods of time.

ZIP is made of lightweight ripstop nylon, with a textured diamond-grid design. Ripstop nylon is reinforced with interwoven, cross-hatched threading to make it super resistant to wear and tear. ZIP is also water resistant.

We felt money belts with open or mesh exterior pockets are a safety risk, so all pockets are zippered. Rubberized zipper pulls provide an easy grip to access each compartment.

The back side of the belt is constructed with soft, antibacterial, moisture-wicking microfiber. This material provides smooth comfort when you wear it under your shirt and against your skin.

Straps are adjustable and detachable. We also plan to develop attachable accessories, including an optional long strap for users to wear ZIP across the chest. If you don't need a money belt for your trip, detach the belt strap and pack ZIP into your luggage for additional small compartment storage.

Most wallets do not have RFID-blocking material, leaving you vulnerable to identity thieves in high-traffic transit zones. Thieves don’t need to touch or approach you as they walk by, meaning there’s no way for you to realize they’ve plucked your personal information using concealed RFID skimmers. ZIP offers total protection for your RFID-enabled passport, ID, and credit cards.


We were determined to elevate the standard money belt with a practical, organized storage system that would not be too complicated. Each compartment is designed to organize your most crucial travel items for easy access on the go.

Perfect for holding small, rectangular items like transit tickets, business cards, or room keys. This pocket is positioned furthest out with a short vertical zipper, offering the quickest reach when you’re on the go. 


Still uncommon on today’s money belts, smartphones are now the most crucial and frequently accessed item in your travel arsenal. ZIP’s phone pocket is large enough to hold plus-sized devices like iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Pass your earbud wires through the built-in port to listen to music or make calls. With your phone safely tucked away, you eliminate the risk of leaving it on your seat or having it slide out of your pants pocket.


Features zippered dual-mesh compartments for your credit cards or coins. Tuck a pen into the pen strap or clip your keys on a quick-release keyring. Store documents, receipts, daily medications, and other small items in here.


For your most valuable items, ZIP has a hidden rear pocket for maximum security protection. Keep your passport, money, and other items completely out of sight and closest to you. A great "set it and forget it" pocket for valuables you may not need throughout the day, but can't afford to lose. 

While we assigned a primary function to each pocket, feel free to arrange your items to create the best storage system for you. However, we strongly recommend that you assign each of your travel items to a specific pocket, and always leave items in their assigned home when you aren’t using them. 

Once your travel belt is locked and loaded, conceal it under your clothes and you’ll never worry about being separated from your stuff.

Lastly, we wanted ZIP to be versatile to different travel situations, including everyday adventures close to home.  Convert ZIP into a hip/fanny pack with the expansion zipper, which unzips your MAIN POCKET from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches wide. 

Hip ZIP has enough room to store a 16.9-ounce water bottle; overnight toiletries; small workout towel; heavy-duty flashlight; compact digital camera; or snacks! Pack ZIP with other ZEROHOUR outdoor essentials to prepare for any situation.

Take your ZIP out for a run, hike, music festival, or strap it to your chest and cycle through town. ZIP is flexible so you can be creative with your travel plans. With ZIP at your side, you'll be ready for the global journey of a lifetime or a day trip with your friends. Are you ready for your next adventure? Don’t forget to zip up.






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