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  • 100X more charge cycles than regular portable charger 
  • Custom your very own Zeus Hybrd Power Bank

Grouphunt deal features ONE Zeus Hybrid Power Bank. 
Customization can be made at an additional of $18

We need 10 orders for this hunt to go through so gather your friends! 

Note:  Please do your customization here:

 There will be no word limit for the custom text, since the font and size of the words can be adjusted. So just make sure that your message can fully fit within the parameters of the powerbank. Email us your font type, font size and message when you are done :)




The ZEUS Hybrid POWERBANK is able to charge up to a full phone battery in just five minutes eliminating your need to be stuck at a wall outlet. ZEUS lets you charge on the go!


The ZEUS Hybrid POWERBANK brings professional grade components into the consumer market. Before ZEUS, supercapacitors were mostly seen in industrial environments, we are here to change that. Supercapacitors have a big list of pros in opposition to conventional lithium-ion batteries, which is the most common type of battery.  

Supercapacitors are primarily made from carbon which is one the most common resources available on earth. It is also easier to recycle carbon than lithium, which is already a scarce resource.

ZEUS, not just for your phone
ZEUS, not just for your phone

Supercapacitors does not charge using a chemical reaction like lithium-ion, which gives them a handful of advantages: Firstly they do not turn hot when they charge. Secondly they have a much lower internal resistance, which make them more energy efficient than lithium-ion cells. Thirdly they do not weaken as fast as lithium-ion cells. In fact, the ZEUS will probably be able to charge your smartphone 20 years from now as it has a 100x more charge cycles compared to a regular power bank.


We wanted to create a power bank that utilized all of these capabilities that supercapacitors have, and we have now been making prototypes for more than a year. But finally the prototyping time is over. Since we have started using careful engineering and better components we have for example been able to cut the size of the original model by half. We have now created a power bank that combines all off the pros of both the lithium-ion batteries and the supercapacitors. We call it the ZEUS Hybrid POWERBANK

Animation of how the powerbank will look
Animation of how the powerbank will look

The lithium-ion cells are added to the power bank for various reasons. First of all to give you a way higher capacity, since they can store way more energy in a smaller size. Second of all, to make the battery last longer, as supercapacitors are not the best at keeping the charge compared to lithium-ion batteries.

The ZEUS makes the supercapacitors and lithium-ion cells work together dynamically. This means that our power bank can charge itself up to one full phone charge in just 5 minutes. After you have your initial first phone charge, the powerbank will keep charging until your power bank have four full phone charges by using it’s lithium-batteries. The full charge time for the powerbank is therefore two hours. That means that if you’re in a hurry, you can plug it in for 5 minutes and have power for at least a day.

5 minutes of charge time will give you enough battery to charge your phone once
5 minutes of charge time will give you enough battery to charge your phone once




The ZEUS has a capacity of 6000mAh. It has an advanced charging circuit, that is capable of protecting both the lithium-ion cells and the supercapacitors from overcharging. Furthermore the charging circuit accepts anything from 5V to 22V input. This means it will be very easy to make a car charger for this device, since no further circuitry is required. The charging circuit will charge the powerbank with a current of 4A at 5V (of course only 4.2V for the lithium-ion cells), this means the power bank charges four times faster than already existing power banks.



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