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 "The first smartwatch with no compromises"

ZeTime: the world’s first hybrid smartwatch combining mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen. Using groundbreaking technology to mount watch hands through the center of the high-resolution TFT color display, ZeTime blends the classic design of a traditional timepiece with the most advanced features of a smartwatch. 

With its classic mechanical watch hands, powered by patented* Smart Movement technology, ZeTime will automatically update the time according to your location and will work up to 30 days on a single charge

 ZeTime innovation revolves around multi-layer technology combining a TFT color display, mechanical hands, a touch panel and ultra-resistant Gorilla glass.

*Patent pending
*Patent pending


“Won’t the hands get in the way of the screen?” – no, we’ve got that solved. With our Smart Movement technology, the mechanical hands are controlled by the watch CPU in order to move them if necessary to maximize visibility of the screen.

Hands won't disturb you reading your emails or instant messages. We can simply ask them to move away from the text area to elegantly separate the screen in two horizontally.


No need to set the time when landing in a different time zone: ZeTime will do it automatically in synchronization with your smartphone. Keep an eye on your hometown time zone too, thanks to custom watch faces. 

Today, smart wearable devices have changed the way we organise our day and connect with the world. But until now, there have been limitations: compromises are made in design or quality of materials, in toughness and water resistance, or in battery life. A smartwatch may seem not so smart when its limited autonomy means it is no longer fulfilling its most basic function - that of a watch. We want to push the limits of what is possible: there should be no compromise on design, features, or autonomy. And this should be available at an accessible price point.



The intuitive navigation on a full color TFT touchscreen gives you easy access to all the ZeTime pre-installed apps, as well as your notifications, activity data and more.


A classic take on wearable technology, ZeTime’s high tech credentials do not mean compromising on style: the timepiece boasts a sleek 44mm stainless steel watchcase inspired by the finest Swiss design. 

 ZeTime features a set of chrome mechanical hands over the color screen to always keep an eye on the daily time even when the screen is turned off.

 Protected by ultra-resistant Gorilla glass, ZeTime will accompany you anywhere, anytime.

Navigate throughout the various menus and screens easily, simply rotate the smart crown. You can select an item or validate a menu by simply pressing the crown.


Monitor heart-rate automatically or manually thanks to an ultra-accurate 3 LED optical sensor.

 With waterproof resistance reaching 3ATM standard (up to 30 meters’ depth) you'll never be afraid of being around water.


Because we know your Monday will never be the same as your Friday, we have designed ZeTime to make it as quick and simple as possible to change your wristband to match your day’s outfit. With a large selection of wristbands provided by our style team, you should find one that allows you to truly express yourself. And if that’s not enough, you can also adapt any 22mm wristband available on the market.

No need to turn on the screen: ZeTime shows you the time at a glance thanks to the physical mechanical hands.

Keep track of all your notifications straight from your wrist and answer your messages without taking your phone out of your pocket.

In addition to Caller ID and Calendar Events, ZeTime displays your favorite social networks and apps notifications from Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Gmail, Skype, WeChat, Hangouts, Uber, Viber and MORE!  That way, you can keep track of all information that really matter to you, at a glance!

Precisely monitor your cardiac frequency while exercising or at rest.

 ZeTime is set for action with its 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your daily steps, distance calories and active minutes

Be perfectly dressed for your next meeting. ZeTime will help you by both reminding you of upcoming calendar events and providing your local weather forecasts. Manage your day, right from your wrist!

 No need to search for your phone in your pocket: with ZeTime you can control your favorite music app straight from your wrist. The ZeTime can also be used as a camera remote for perfectly framed group selfies, and can help you find your phone by making it ring at the touch of a button.

Express your style with ZeTime. Whether you prefer the sports attitude of a silicon band or the classiness of leather or metal, never miss an opportunity to be yourself. Pick the watch face and band that best fit your style!


Choose your color after the campaign - Pictures from our first set of prototypes
Choose your color after the campaign - Pictures from our first set of prototypes


 A colorful and intuitive user interface designed in-house, delivering easy navigation, quick access to notifications and activity data, while offering a large selection of watch faces to match your style and your daily mood. A multitude of watches in one.

ZeTime comes pre-installed with all the essential apps. Activity and sleep tracking, weather forecasts, camera and music remote control... All straight from your wrist.

Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, offering the same set of features and user experience to both operating systems, ZeTime is your perfect companion regardless of your phone preference. It connects seamlessly by Bluetooth to sync activity and sleep data, and push all the notifications that matter to you. 

Proof of concept

In the following video, we demonstrate an engineering prototype of ZeTime that showcases its interaction and main features:

  •  Activity data syncing to smartphone

  • Watch faces selection



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