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ZEROHOUR REBEL is breaking all the rules! We’ve taken the fidget spinner to the next level with two super bright LED click lights

a sleek body designed with multiple grip and touch points for fidgeting

and a ceramic bearing that goes from 0 to 60 in a flick of the finger!


We know microlights. We used to sell all kinds of microlights, until we launched ZeroHour to create new products with our most innovative ideas. As we found success with ZeroHour XD, XR, APEX, and IGNITE, we kept wondering, how can we put our spin on the little old microlight? Answer: Design a custom ZeroHour microlight from the ground up, and put two of them inside a fidget spinner!

Most microlights stick the bulb on the side of the body, functional but clunky. For REBEL, we created a smooth button housing and embedded the bright white LED just below the surface.

Simply click to cycle through Low, Medium, High, and Strobe modes, or click-and-hold to power off.

The LED emits a wide beam of light, perfect for illuminating your surrounding area. Need more light? Click the second LED and you’re ready to go.

Set REBEL on a flat surface and it operates like a mini-lantern. Able to light most rooms, it keeps you safe during a power outage without draining your phone battery. 

The microlights use standard CR1620 batteries, which are easily removable and replaceable. The button lights securely push into the spinner housing, and detach for use separately as well. You can even flip the lights so they shine out from each side of REBEL.

“Stop that, pay attention!” We remember those teachers well, but fidgeting may actually help us focus. By giving our easily distracted primal brains something to play with, our higher-functions become free to concentrate on the task at hand. (Science!)

With REBEL in your pocket, trace the ridges scored into the top and bottom surfaces, or press the smooth, flat edges that wrap around the microlights. If you’re a clicky fidgeter, give the button lights a couple clicks whenever you have the urge. 

Please note that all photos are prototypes. Material finishes will be improved in production.
Please note that all photos are prototypes. Material finishes will be improved in production.

Available in three stunning finishes, choose REBEL BLACK (matte aluminum) or REBEL TITANIUM (polished or sandblasted). Each finish offers a different feel: matte aluminum is light and grippy; polished titanium is smooth and refined; and sandblasted has that natural grit. 

For the center spinner, ventilated buttons feature their own tactile grip pattern. The included spinner buttons match your REBEL's body finish; for custom styling, we'll have add-on buttons for all the finishes + copper or brass. When you’re not spinning, use the spinner button as a fidget dial. 

With ZEROHOUR REBEL, you have light and fidget action at your fingertips. Now it’s time to take it for a spin!



While holding REBEL, flick it forward with your fingers, or use your other hand to tap out a power spin. Soon you’ll find your groove and send it spinning longer and longer. When you’re ready for advanced moves, balance REBEL on one finger as you spin.

Your microlights want to have fun, too. Click them on, set REBEL on a flat surface, and make cool patterns with the lights as you spin. Light spins offer a quick, visually stimulating break — when the spinning stops, get back to work!

o add even more color to your spins, four slots can hold 1.5mm x 6mm tritium vials. Tritium vials stay continuously illuminated for many years. (ZeroHour does not endorse or sell tritium vials, but they are available online. Please learn about tritium safety before using.)

Maximum spin time depends mostly on weight, with the heavier titanium finishes spinning longest. The REBEL spinner includes a 608 bearing, which is removable and replaceable if you want to use your own bearings.

We will use full ceramic bearings in production.
We will use full ceramic bearings in production.


We were determined to offer a new microlight in an unexpected way, and we think we’ve done it with our fidget spinner. Packed with fun features yet chiseled in ZeroHour’s rugged and modern style, REBEL is ready to impress wherever you go.

Accessories are coming fast. We are developing a matte black aluminum REBEL stand, which we hope to offer as an add-on. Display it on your desk and tap REBEL when you want a hands-free spin.

We know there is a vibrant spinner community coming up with amazing new designs all the time, and we want ZeroHour microlights to be a part of them! Our light housing design will be open source: when the REBEL project is complete, we will release our microlight design specs and make the button lights available separately, so you can integrate light into your own spinner designs.

Using a standard ceramic-hybrid bearing, our titanium spinner has an average 2 minutes 15 seconds spin time. This will improve in mass production with the included full-ceramic bearings and LED lights installed.

ZeroHour projects have rewarded 5,000 backers and many satisfied buyers after our retail launches. Backers, media, and consumers love us because we know how to reinvent products, and we stand by our work with lifetime warranties.



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