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ZEROHOUR EDGE Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife is slicing its way into history. As the world’s smallest carbon fiber pocket knife with an S35VN steel blade, EDGE continues the ZeroHour mission of delivering the best everyday carry essentials for our backers.

The premium S35VN steel blade is one of the hardest, toughest, and sharpest on the market. S35VN’s superior wear/corrosion resistance and edge retention keep EDGE in peak fighting form for the long haul.

A reinforced carbon fiber handle is the perfect complement to the best knife steel available. Inspired by the ZEROHOUR APEX pen design, geometric cut-outs peek at the interior steel housing, while a subtle gradient pattern adds a slight shimmer and depth to the handle. A lever lock ensures total control for a safe and comfortable grip.

Coming in at only 16 grams and 2 inches when closed, EDGE is one of the lightest and smallest tactical pocket knives ever created. Slide it in your pocket, on your keychain, or wear it around your neck. With ZEROHOUR EDGE by your side, you’ll always stay a cut above the competition.

After reviewing your most-requested projects, we agreed that a knife would be an excellent addition to our tactical EDC line. Every pocket knife owner can tell you how important it is to have one. This iconic multi-tool dates back more than 2,000 years and is considered one of the most important items to have access to on a daily basis.

While the basics of a knife haven’t changed (it’s sharp, it cuts things), we were determined to use the highest quality materials and technology to build the most reliable pocket knife in our signature ZeroHour style.


Most pocket knives are made with a variety of different steels, but the EDGE achieves top-tier performance with an S35VN steel blade. This special steel alloy was invented in 2009 and crafted with an exceptionally fine grain structure. Along with carbon, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, the critical innovation is the addition of small quantities of niobium, which boosts the toughness and hardness of the steel while also making it easier to sharpen.

According to Knife Informer, "Many would argue this is the ultimate in mainstream knife steels and you would struggle to find any steel with better edge retention, toughness and stain resistance for the money.”

The stainless steel handle is reinforced with a layer twill weaved carbon fiber. The twill weave produces the distinctive, textured gradient pattern unique to carbon fiber products. Extremely stiff, strong, and light, carbon fiber is used in many industries including aerospace, military structures, robotics, and sports equipment. EDGE's carbon fiber handle also feels cool and smooth in your hands. 

The blade measures 34mm in length and the knife is only 84mm long in the open position. Weighing just 16 grams (0.56 ounce), EDGE is the most compact pocket knife constructed with premium S35VN/carbon fiber materials. 

Carved into a discrete, super lightweight form factor, EDGE is ready to support your everyday and unexpected needs without weighing you down:

  • Open packages 
  • Cut rope 
  • Cut zip-ties 
  • Strip wire 
  • Carve wood
  • Start fires 
  • Tighten screws 
  • Remove staples 
  • Sharpen pencils 
  • Open key-rings 
  • Open soda cans 
  • Self-defense 
  • Personal security

With ZEROHOUR EDGE, you'll be prepared for obstacles as simple as removing packing tape or as tough as stopping an imminent threat. Effective, durable, and powerful, keep EDGE tucked away wherever you go. 


  • RECORD-BREAKING: World’s smallest carbon fiber knife with S35VN steel blade. 
  • PREMIUM BLADE: Best EDC blade on the market with S35VN steel, 59-61 HRC hardness rating, 40 MPA shearing strength, and 3400 tensile strength. 
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 34mm blade delivers more hardness, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and edge retention than most mid-range steel knives. 
  • MODERN DESIGN: Sleek gradient pattern, geometric cut-outs, and detailed bolts make EDGE a stylish accessory to wear on a necklace, keychain, or zipper. 
  • EVERYDAY CARRY: Designed for EDC, pair EDGE with ZEROHOUR's entire line of tactical essentials to prepare for any situation. 


  • OPERATION: EDGE features a traditional folding blade with lever-lock (liner lock). Simply open by pulling on the notches of the upper backside of the blade to lock into place. Push lock lever to release and close the blade.

ZeroHour projects have rewarded over 5,000 backers and many satisfied buyers after our retail launches. Backers, media, and consumers love us because we know how to reinvent products, and we stand by our work with lifetime warranties.


Risks and challenges

Aided by the learning experiences of our earlier projects, all of which delivered successfully, we will continue to deliver in a timely and efficient manner. We do not foresee any risks or challenges that would cause major delays. We will remain in regular communication with our backers as our project goes through the production process, and notify them if any delays should occur.

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