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Rock stars in the world of nibs at the moment, the Titanium Zebra G are reputed to last 3 times longer than the more common chrome ones, and are not as prone to rusting, if used in a fountain pen with fountain pen inks (some of which can be acidic or contain corrosive elements).

For both Calligraphers and fountain pen lovers alike, a Titanium Zebra G in a fountain pen offers a full-flex fountain pen (which in a modern fountain pen is rare, and often costly), that can be use for calligraphy practice on the run (without having to bring dip nibs, or bottles of ink) or just having a pen with a more expressive line.

Grouphunt Deal

Sold as 10 Nibs in a pack, we only have 14 packs available so if you're looking at upgrading your nibs, you better act quick! We need 10 orders for this hunt to run so don't forget to tell your friends!


This nib is a G nib treated with titanium coating, which improves its durability and resistance to wear and abrasion, while maintaining the comfortable drawing feel. The nib can last long enough to draw a thin uniform line for about 75 meters, about 55 meters longer than conventional G nibs.



  • The titanium nibs last 3 times longer than conventional nibs making this an excellent value buy!
  • Only 14 units available so act quick!
  • Save up to 33% when you buy with other Grouphunters!


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