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KOY GEAR Silver Fibre Underwear - Stylish, functional, Affordable. 



The Silver Fibre Advantage: 

Each pair of KOY GEAR underwear is made of silver fibre. This is engineered by coating polyamide fibre with pure ionized silver. When ionized silver comes in contact with moisture, it releases silver ions that kill bacteria. Silver’s antibacterial effects have been put to practice for centuries and are continually used today. Silver has been utilized for water disinfection, surgical masks, wound dressings, and even in the engineering of spacesuits.

Silver has proven health benefits and KOY GEAR has brought them to your underwear. Our patented design kills 99.9% of bacteria, which prevents unwanted odours. Our “silver” underwear also regulates temperature due to its heat conducting nature. So even on those extra hot days, KOY GEAR underwear will provide supreme comfort.

Additional Features:

AER TECH: Gone are the days of humid, uncomfortable underwear that sticks. KOY GEAR’s patented Aer-tech design maximizes breathability so you’re always feeling fresh.


 Flatlock stitching: Most underwear brands use traditional overlock stitching, but KOY GEAR’s new flatlock stitching technique is smoother and flatter. This provides a natural, comfortable fit.

Modal: Our fibre is made from reconstituted cellulose, which is fashioned from beech trees in Europe. KOY GEAR’s mantra has always been quality, and with this hand-picked fabric, we guarantee soft, smooth and air permeable underwear that’s resistant to shrinkage and fading. You won’t regret making the change from cotton, as our Modal is at least 3x softer, and its softness that lasts with repeated use.

Pile-fabric-added inner layer: The waistband is combined with two layers of fabric. Under the outer layer’s flexible, silk-like fabric, there is the pile fabric, which makes the waistband feel cloud level soft.

Tagless on the inside: One design standard that’s always bothered us has been itchy, ill-placed waistband tags. To fix this we’ve gone tagless by printing underwear details directly on our packages.

What is it made of?


We are a Toronto-based apparel startup and our mission is to provide men's wear that's comfortable, practical, and affordable - all while being uncompromising in style. KOY GEAR aims to live up to this mandate by merging the latest breakthroughs in material science with sleek design.

The Team

KOY GEAR was founded by a family of three – Patrick Li, the CEO and the designer, born into a family that owns a textile company. Celia Xiong, the Chemist who came up with the idea of adopting silver fibre into underwear; Mila Li, the lovely cheerleader! We believe that everyone deserves underwear that is comfortable, practical and affordable while knowing exactly what they are paying for.

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