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With the brand new WINGBRUSH 2.0, big improvements on the product have been made to make your cleaning experience even more pleasant. 
The WINGBRUSH is an interdental brush that makes cleaning your interdental spaces easier and more comfortable thanks to the innovative handle and the patented feeler that docks on your interdental space. All you have to do is press the WINGBRUSH, so the brush gently slides through your interdental space.  

Why we believe the WINGBRUSH is better than floss, sticks and oral irrigators?

Why is interdental cleaning relevant?

Cleaning your interdental spaces is important to prevent tooth loss and diseases such as periodontitis, diabetes or even heart attacks. More than one third of the entire tooth surface is hidden in the interdental spaces (between your teeth), but a simple toothbrush can’t reach and clean these spaces properly. 
Treat interdental spaces with special care by using the WINGBRUSH 2.0. Otherwise, bacteria begins to metabolize leftover food components, and inflammations such as dental caries and periodontitis are triggered.

Scientific Study: The use of interdental brushes is associated with lower 
risk of periodontitis, tooth loss, heart attacks and diabetes.

Scientific background of the WINGBRUSH 

The effectiveness of the WINGBRUSH was tested in cooperation with the Centre for Dental and Oral Medicine of the University of Bonn, Germany. The conducted scientific study compared two interdental cleaning aids, one of them being the WINGBRUSH, the other one being a common interdental brush. 
The results show that test persons reached significantly more interdental spaces using the WINGBRUSH than using a conventional interdental brush.* Also, the test persons preferred the WINGBRUSH over the common interdental cleaning aid.*

Scientific study confirms the effectiveness of the WINGBRUSH compared to a common interdental brush.

*Bahlmann L, Frentzen M, Schroeder J, Fimmers R. Comparison of two interdental cleaning aids: A randomized clinical trial. Int J Dent Hygiene. 2017;00:1–6.


Why are we back on Kickstarter?

With our second Kickstarter campaign we are back where it all started last year. The incredible support of our nearly 13.000 backers enabled us to send out more than 50.000 WINGBRUSH Sets. We are so proud of our community — you are fabulous! 
If you haven´t been part of it yet, then we invite you to jump on board now.  

Our vision is still the same: We aim to provide the best dental care for everybody! Hence, we incorporated the very useful feedback from 13.000 backers of our last campaign to make the WINGBRUSH even better for cleaning your interdental spaces.  

We decided to run a second Kickstarter campaign with our improved product for two reasons. First, we would like to collect money to produce the WINGBRUSH 2.0 and to grow our business. Even through we made great progress in developing our company further, we are still a small start-up company competing with the biggest brands in dental care products. 
So we need your help to take another step forward. 

Second, we are eager to expand our awesome community and to make the WINGBRUSHbetter known wolrdwide and improve the dental care of everybody within our community and beyond. We believe Kickstarter is the most honest and most efficient opportunity for us to send our latest product straight to the people we love and who care the most: 
people just like you!


Starter Set

Includes the WINGBRUSH handle and 3 replaceable brush heads in our three different sizes, so that you can find the brush size that fits your interdental spaces best.

Refill Set

Refill Sets come in 3 different sizes as every interdental space is unique. Some people might need more than one size to clean their teeth perfectly. The 3 sizes differ in a diameter of the wire as well as the bristle. Each Refill Set comes with 8 brushes of the desired size in a handy travel case.


Ha, gotcha! You are wondering why ISO 2 is missing? Beacause the difference is too small to be noticed. ISO 0, 1 and 3 cover all sizes your interdental spaces. 

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