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Some say I wear my heart (water) on my sleeve!

  • No longer should you be burdened by a bottle in your hand or around your waist
  • No longer should your tired fingers have to fumble with a bottle cap
  • Adjustable for that perfect fit on your arm
  • Its time same time and effort and raise your fitness game with the Wetsleeve!

Grouphunt Deal includes one Wetsleeve with one refillable hydration reservoir. Get yours now! 

Only size M available now! 


The future of wearable hydration is here. Now there’s a revolutionary new way to hydrate on the move. Wetsleeve is a lightweight, breathable soft sleeve worn on the forearm with a refillable hydration reservoir that keeps your drink cool and allows you to conveniently sip from the wrist without breaking your stride.



Wetsleeve is a patented lightweight, ergonomically fitted hands-free hydration system engineered with the perfect balance of capacity and comfort, that allows you to focus and push forward without breaking your athletic rhythm. Designed for runners, hikers, cyclists, paddle and kite surfers, and anybody with an active lifestyle, Wetsleeve is hydration in motion for anyone who wants to perform at their highest level.

FOR THE RUNNER: No more heavy hydration packs, impractical belts or annoying water bottles! Stay hydrated effortlessly without ever having to stop or break your stride.

FOR THE SKATEBOARDER: Hydrate seamlessly without having to hold a bottle or stopping to find a water source.

FOR THE FITNESS ENTHUSIAST: Perfect compliment to your fitness regimen. Stay hydrated throughout any workout with the first wearable solution that doesn’t impact your balance or slow you down.

FOR THE HIKER: Have instant access to hydration at all times without having to wear bulky hydration packs, or even carry a bottle.

FOR THE PADDLE BOARDER: Stay out on your board longer by conveniently wearing hydration on you. Sip from your wrist without ever letting go of your paddle.

FOR THE KITESURFER: Being able to wear the Wetsleeve on your arm allows you to stay focused on what you’re doing while enabling you to access hydration in a whole new way.

FOR THE TRAVELER: Perfect hydration travel gadget for city trips, backpacking, country walks, or festivals.



FOR THE MOTORCYCLIST: Stay hydrated on those long sunny rides without having to carry anything.

FOR THE CYCLIST: Don’t lose speed or take your eyes off the road! Easily stay hydrated on your bike without slowing down to reach for your bottle.

FOR THE VR USER OR GAMER: The most innovative hydration solution while wearing your headset without putting the game on pause or taking a break from the action. It’s also the perfect hydration accessory for online games that cannot be paused.

FOR THE FISHERMAN: Effortlessly hydrate without ever letting go of your rod!

FOR THE FREE-DIVER: Let’s face it. Diving makes you thirsty. How else are you going to be able to carry and access your hydration underwater?










A comfortable, breathable and lightweight hydration solution worn on the forearm that lets you stay hydrated on the go. The zippered pocket securely holds the reservoir and gives you quick and easy access whenever you need a refill.

The sleeve is made using premium materials which are both water and UV resistant, while the built-in insulation layer keeps your drink nice and cool. It also has an internal 3D mesh lining, which allows the skin to breathe. The sleeve comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Want to keep your Wetsleeve drink extra cold? Add ice to the hydration reservoir, or just put it in the fridge before use.

The adjustable wraparound elastic band gives you the perfect fit, so can wear your Wetsleeve comfortably and securely, at all times.

Built-in Pockets.

Wetsleeve also features two pockets to keep personal belongings such as cash, credit cards, keys or headphones safe on the go.


Wetsleeve’s detachable hydration reservoir is durable, leak proof and made of FDA-approved food grade materials. With a volume capacity of 12 oz (350ml), it can be easily filled with water or your favorite sports drink. The replaceable silicone mouthpiece situated towards the wrist allows you to effortlessly drink from a natural position. The zip seal flap and roll-top opening allows for quick and easy refills and ensures no leakage. The opening construction also allows for easy and thorough cleanings in between uses.

A built-in spine ensures the reservoir maintains its shape - even during the most rigorous activities. After each sip, the reservoir continuously compresses to prevent the liquid from sloshing around during use. The customized design also ensures the liquid is evenly distributed across the forearm at all times, for a streamlined and unobtrusive experience.

Wherever you go, Wetsleeve goes with you. Even through the toughest of conditions, Wetsleeve has you covered.

Even if you already have a hydration solution or just go running with a water bottle, we can't wait for you to try Wetsleeve and see how it changes your routine. It's lightweight, fits perfectly on your arm and it's the most convenient way to hydrate on-the-go.



Using the Wetsleeve is super easy! Just fill the reservoir to the max fill line with your beverage of choice. Add ice if you want it extra cool. Simply seal the ziplock closure, and affix to the velcro lining. Then place the reservoir into the fitted pocket and close the zipper.

Fit the sleeve onto your forearm and secure it into place with the adjustable wraparound velcro strap. The liquid is evenly distributed throughout the forearm making the sleeve feel surprisingly lightweight. That’s it! After that, you’re free to move without having to wear a bulky backpack, hold a bottle or stop your activity to hydrate.


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