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Emma Loves Weight-Less Sitting!
Emma Loves Weight-Less Sitting!



Zero Gravity Upright Posture (ZGUP) Cushion is undoubtedly the most ergonomic and comfortable cushion you will find. it produces a weightless sitting experience so you can get up feeling revitalized.  Releases sitting stress & slumping stress on your spine and hips, and promotes a healthier lifestyle, and Reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain to power through your day.



Improving posture could be a vague idea. You may think a series of personal training sessions, strict diets, and miles of walking and running will do the trick. 

However, it is actually easier than that. Muscles are very dynamic. Re-training the muscles can changes your bone structure. Here is a catch though. Building muscles memory takes about 3 months. Plus, you need to introduce new good habits to your muscles. It's like learning how to play golf for the first time. 

Using the Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion helps build muscle memory. Your body will realize poor posture and bad habits, and start working towards good posture. Using it for months will make your body feel a ton much better. Consistency. That's why we build this cushion because it can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and change your habits immediately.




Slumping Stress indicates:

1. Inflexibility of the Joints indicates Stiffness in Hips, Knees, Back & Neck (Spines)

2. Low Back Pain & Neck Pain that may develop into chronic pain
3. Compressed Spines & Discs that may develop into Sciatica (pain radiating down the legs), Numbness or pins-and-needles in an arm or leg, etc.

Sitting on Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion feels like skilled therapists' hands, correcting your sitting posture. Check it out.


See the Difference!
See the Difference!


Sitting is not natural to the body. We can help you with ZGUP Cushion.
Sitting is not natural to the body. We can help you with ZGUP Cushion.


Great Posture at the chairs not only helps your back and neck, but your sit bones & intervertebral discs (Discs between each spine). By evenly distributing weight and pressure of the body, your sitting is much more effortless; Your Spines & Hips will appreciate you at night.

 Zero Gravity Upright Posture Cushion ships with the mesh cover: anti-sweat cover (double layer mesh) that is breathable with great ventilation.

Memory foam is Visco foam that features:

  • Better contouring and pressure relief 
  • Better durability and a longer comfort life 
  • Better motion dampening 
  • More resistant to microorganisms and allergens
  • Highly resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites, and other odor causing germs
  • Plus, the Visco Foam has semi-permanent durability. It won't deform unless you burn it.





And... We Mean It.
And... We Mean It.

Achieve optimal posture all day long with the Zero Gravity Upright Posture Cushion. This innovative seat helps to reduce fatigue, alleviate stress and pain, and even improve your mood. This is all thanks to the ergonomic design. This design cushions your body to help you sit upright naturally. In fact, it produces a weightless sitting experience so you can get up feeling revitalized. The ZGUP, as it’s affectionately called, works with virtually any chair and even on the floor. No matter where you sit, your body will thank you. Over time, the ZGUPhelps you to improve your posture by strengthening your core muscles. As a result, you’ll reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain to power through your day. 


The Human Body is rather simple to understand. When you sit, in most cases your pelvic girdle turns either forward or backward. We call it anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt. Whatever it does, by introducing the perfectly measured wedge, your spine and hips are supported from every possible angle. 

It is 3:1. That’s the magic ratio. You can try it out by putting a towel on your tailbone. Try it and wait 3 seconds. 1-2-3. Take a deep breath. You will feel the whole spines starting to let go of the tension. We wish you can feel it.

We use high quality memory foam to create the perfect angle and forgiveness regardless weight. We had 20 different formula for density, softness prototypes. Only 1 out of 20 is good enough for this particular cushion with the rare combination of functionality & comfort. You can apply this knowledge in your feet (insoles), knees, hips, and elsewhere on your body.




This is the first step in our mission to bring comfort to everyone in the world. We would like to address a problem millions of people are experiencing every day: bad, uncomfortable chairs or seat cushions that affects their health, productivity, and happiness. Well... let's change that.

With the Zero Gravity Upright Posture Cushion, we are calling on our community of innovators & supporters on Kickstarter to help us launch this new, unique product. We can’t do this without your support, and that’s why we’ve come to Kickstarter, to share the first step in our comfort mission with you first. We want to put all we have learned over years of medical knowledge and passion into the world’s greatest ergonomic products. Thank you, again! 

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