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The goal

Our aim was to design a wallet that both works well and stands out from the crowd. A wallet that helps you find the card you need quickly and easily. So we came up with a system that stacks all your cards with one smooth sliding action.

The numbers bit

We asked our friends how many cards they owned and how many they actually used on a regular basis. On average, we discovered most people regularly need 7 cards. So we designed a wallet that’s precisely 15.4 mm thick to hold 7 cards or fewer, plus cash bills. No elastic bands, no leather, no corporate bells and whistles. Just a slim, simple, clean design that allows us to retail the wallet for only €15.

Patented design

WALTER WALLET is the brainchild of a group of 4 industrial designers in the Netherlands. The patented stack and slide system is invisible from the outside, which means the mechanism is protected inside the casing. Just as importantly, the durable plastic protects your cards from getting bent or damaged while they’re in the wallet.

Made in the Netherlands

WALTER WALLET is sustainably produced in the Netherlands via a highly efficient injection-moulding system that minimises energy usage. Plus, the wallet is fully recyclable.


Walter Wallet is thin, lightweight and fast. It’s a minimalistic wallet that carries up to 7 cards and bills. Cards are easily selected with the patented stack and slide system. And if you’re in a rush there’s also the ‘quick draw’ function for your favorite card. Walter Wallet is made from durable plastic and available in 6 colours.


Way Black 

True Blue 

Paper Brown 

Jet Red

Fresh Mint

Bright White 


Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Victor.W
    Is there an error in the pricing? You're offering a Grouphunt price of $32 but the wallet is retailing on for $15 Euro (which is below $24 SGD). They also have an discount of $5 Euro for every 2 wallets purchased, bringing the average price per wallet to below $21 SGD. Shipping is also free on the site.
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