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Stop wasting your money on weak, gimmicky uncertified cables that don’t last. The new VOLTA magnetic charger changes the game with strong, tangle-free military grade protection materials that works well with any device and never breaks. Check out below how we've stress-tested the VOLTA Cable.

That’s not all! The VOLTA charger also features a reversible magnetic connection that connects – instantly – every single time.  

 Grouphunt Deal

For this hunt, choose between 4 cable colours, scroll down to see the colours. Additionally, choose from 2 of the 3 tips available: USB-C, iOS Charging cable or Micro USB. 

Want extra tips? Just select which tip you'd like in the checkout for an extra $11.


 VOLTA has passed several strict reliability tests that guarantee it will outlast any other cable no matter what you do to it. (Short of taking an axe to it!)

  • 18K gold-plated copper core plug & 24 AWG copper wires guarantee a lightning-fast charge. 
  • 18K gold-plated needles deliver a faster, more stable current to your device.
  • 3 layers of military grade PVC protection, anti-oxidative & anti-corrosive nickel-plating means your VOLTA will last forever.  


Power any device with a micro USB (for Android) or lightning port (for Apple) because VOLTA features cross-device compatibility. 1 cable for every device you own. 

We also designed the VOLTA cable to provide hassle free charging for all Lightning and MicroUSB devices. Wave good-bye forever to fumbling to charge any of your devices.

If there is something everyone knows or should know, it’s that the different operating system brands want you to keep coming back to them. After you buy one of their phones, they have to find a reason to make you return. One way they accomplish this is with their flimsy charger

After all, if they can make a phone that requires your fingerprint as an ID, how hard can it be to make a long-lasting charging cable? But if their cables last a long time, they lose a profitable income stream!
That’s why we are here. We were as tired as you for putting tape around our frayed cords, or opening our wallets for yet another charger. That’s why we want to bring the VOLTA to the world.

Say goodbye to visiting the store every few months to buy yet another charger – you’ll be buying the VOLTA only once. . The world's strongest magnetic cable solves each of these problems with rock solid materials and a Lifetime Guarantee.

The VOLTA cable is 15 times stronger than any other ordinary cable out there. We are so confident in the strength and durability of VOLTA that we guarantee it for life! PVC braiding and strain-relief collars give you astounding agility, movement, strength and flexibility to ensure even brick carrying is as easy as 1 + 1.

 Sturdy, anti-scratch aluminium shielding to ensures the long-lasting, pristine condition of the connectors.

Unlike those lame cables you’ve already spent too much money on, the VOLTA cable features seamless connection every single time. 2 perfectly aligned, N52-grade Neodymium reversible magnets in 360° orientation – at both ends – means immediate, powerful connection in an instant. No more stabbing your device to death trying to connect for a charge! 

VOLTA connects (or disconnects) to your devices - instantly - every single time, even in the dark. Perfect for home, car, or office with your choice of 1 or 2 meter length (3.28 or 6.56 ft).


Forget the guessing game when it comes to plugging in your USB. 

VOLTA is setting a new standard for smart USB connection with reversible technology. Connect in any direction. It’s just that simple.

What Our Beta Testers Are Saying

We have already successfully completed a pilot manufacturing run of over 200 units and sent them out to be tested by everyday people. Below are some of their reactions and feedback:


Military-grade protection materials offer unparalleled strength. PVC braiding and strain-relief collars give you astounding agility, movement, strength and flexibility. 





Charge and sync at record breaking speed with 24 AWG tightly braided wires. Less time plugged in, more time going out!


Grossed out by all the gunk hanging out in your charging ports? Truth is, it’s slowly killing your devices and reducing their ability to power up. Add in all the wear and tear of constantly shoving in and pulling out chargers and it’s a no-brainer that avoiding all that is a smart decision. VOLTA stays put. By protecting this sensitive area from dust and dirt and safeguarding it from all that daily abuse, VOLTA extends the life of all of your devices.



VOLTA is universal. It comes with 3 different tips compatible with any Apple, Android, or USB-C devices. It’s the only charging cable you’ll ever need! 


For USB-C: Volta meets the following requirements: - 56kΩ Resistor - Vbus IR drop of less than 250mV - GND IR drop of less than 100mV.

VOLTA has been granted the following international certifications:


Go ahead and get your VOLTA in the following colours: Silver, Pink, Rose Gold, and Black. 

What you are seeing in our videos and pictures are real prototypes VOLTA. The final products will be even better!



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