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We’re building a state-of-art charging station tailored for your daily habits. VOLT makes charging easier and more convenient than ever. Infinite possibilities for daily use & business.



With our hybrid solution combining Qi wireless charging and 3 direct magnetic ports, stop looking for a plug and cut the cords.      


Universal design and technology that will give you the chance to charge your phone no matter where you are, no matter what your phone is

VOLT is suitable for all smartphones on the market, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei or OnePlus. Allows to charge a device through its Qi wireless technology and lightning, micro-USB & USB type-C magnetic connectors.  

VOLT is the ultimate charging solution that will seamless integrate with your daily habits. Charge your smartphone without the hustle of cables, changing connectors or looking for free plugs.


VOLT is a wireless 8,000mAh powerbank always ready to charge your phone by just placing it on top of it.  

The ultimate charging solution that will seamless integrate with your daily habits. Charge your smartphone without the hassle of cables, changing connectors or looking for free plugs.      

With VOLT's Qi technology use the smartphone with complete freedom while charging by just placing it flat on the surface. With no wires involved, use it anywhere you like and charge your smartphone up to 2,5 times.









Even when your phone doesn't work with wireless chargers, with VOLT you can charge it with its Lightning or USB connectors. Even if you're using a case with your phone, our flexible magnetic plugs will charge your phone easily.         

Whether your phone is up for some resting time or you want to use it while charging, VOLT offers the perfect solution with its rotating base. Place it flat with your smartphone to just charge it wirelessly or tilt the base up and charge it while doing a Skype videocall or watching Netflix.

VOLT minimalist design will perfectly fit into any home space. We've designed VOLT to suit the style and look of the best smartphones with an industrial design inspiration to make a unique product built to the finest of detail, with high-quality metallic finishes.  



We designed VOLT with reliability, efficiency and durability, not only being meant for home environments, but also businesses and offices. Made with high quality materials, VOLT's robust structure ensures for the best built quality in a powerbank.

All VOLT products, including VOLT and VOLT Hive's cables and accessories, are made to the finest of details and have robust and compact structures that will let us offer a +2 years warranty even for businesses and retail.      



VOLT Hive is an integrated dock station housing 5 portable VOLT chargers that gives your family the chance to charge their smartphones anywhere.       

We've built VOLT thinking of the infinite possibilities of charging. If you're a family, have a business or want to share your volts with your colleagues from work, we've got a special VOLT Hive edition that charges up to 5 powerbanks at the same time.   


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