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About this project

UWear is an affordable smart sports watch featuring integrated navigation system, powerful battery life, real-time body condition monitor, location and trail sharing, and various sports modes that makes your outdoor activities safe and fun.

There are all kinds of sport watch on the market, but it’s difficult to find one that tailored for hikers like us, who considers safety as our top priority while we explore the world. So we invented UWear, a smart sports watch that will make your adventures safe and fun.






With built-in GPS, UWear marks your starting point and tracks the distance, speed and pace when you are hiking, even when your smart phone is not around. UWear will guide you back to where you set off, so you will never need to worry about getting lost. 


You might forget to mark your starting point when you set off. And later found yourself lost and stuck in a complicated trail. Don’t panic, UWear remembers your route and prevents you going for a same route again and again.  


Hiking alone could be fun, and….risky. It’s important to let your friends know where you are in case anything dangerous happens. UWear allows you to share your location with your family and friends using its free app. Location sharing is not only for safety reasons, it’s fun to use as well! Don’t enjoy the beauty of nature alone if you find a hidden gem. Share it with your hiking pals! 


Set up your custom SOS buttons on your UWear watch. When you are in danger, your watch will notify all your friends to help you out as soon as possible.



Check your heart rate anytime with UWear while working out. Understand your body condition so you can maximum your exercise results. The built-in heart rate sensor in UWear uses the technology called photoplethysmography, as the same in the Apple Watch. Photoplethysmography detects your pulse without the discomfort from a chest strap.




UWear has the most important features for hikers: compass, barometer, and altimeter. UWear is also equipped with other handy features for multi-day trips, including thermometer and hygrometer.


Paired with the weather app on your smartphone, UWear will let you know the latest weather in your area, ensuring that you will always be prepared for unexpected weather changes.



Made from high-performance materials, Uwear is durable and strong, yet surprisingly light weighted. Every Uwear watch is tested in labs where our watches are put to the limit.



Join the community of hikers using UWear’s free app. Find people with same interests and ask them to join your next adventure. You can also share your favorite trails to social media accounts.




Track your performance each time and beat your own records. You can also get motivated when you are in a competition with others.




UWear supports three major navigation systems - GPS, GLONASS and BDS - to offer you the best navigation solutions, while most products from competitors on the market only support one system. 


UWear is rated water resistant 100M (10atm), so you can definitely leave it on when you are on water trails, or even when you are swimming, surfing and doing other water sports. 


 project video thumbnail



Unlike other sports watches that require charging often, UWear features a extremely long battery life that runs up to 45 days. This great feature would be really handy when you are on a multi-day journey.



Always on display allows you to check key stats with ease, and also keep an eye on missed calls and message alerts. And meanwhile uses very little of the battery. 


Once paired with your smartphone, UWear will show your incoming SMS text and message from social apps like Facebook. You will also get notification of your missed calls.




UWear is designed for the outdoors, but with the modern looks and versatile functions you can wear it for your everyday adventures, too. You can track your daily activity with steps and calories. Stay up to date with incoming calls, texts and push notifications from your smartphone to your watch.



UWear is not only a watch for hikers. Select from ten different sports mode and UWear will measure useful data based on your chosen sports mode. For example, when you are in the golf court, your UWear watch will tell you how many swings and strokes you have done; when you are biking, your UWear will let you know your speed and distance. Moreover, UWear is also a perfect companion for daily workouts. Know your steps and calorie burns everyday by looking at your UWear watch.

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  • The Price on kickstarter is hkd 808 with free delivery. Which is about $142++. This is much more expensive than there and I still have to pay for delivery

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    Hey nelu! Thanks for chipping in =D It's always customers like you that keep us on point! We don't hunt for prices more than Kickstarter, so this certainly caught our attention! It looks like there was an exchange rate calculation error on our part, so karma points to you for helping us uncover that. We've revised the pricing accordingly, and noted in our process the errors so it won't happen again =) With that said, I just visited Kickstarter but it seems like shipping is hkd 60, which makes it hkd 868. Unless I'm missing out on something here? Thanks either way for being so awesome!

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  • Clar Ey

    Hi, Can i check the specs is written chest strip for HR monitor but at the same time built in senor. So which is right?

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    Hey Clarisse, there's no chest strap. The HR monitor is built in the watch. Hope this helps(:

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