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  • The wearable powerbank that charges itself!
  • Convenient, clean and on your wrist should you need it.
  • Wireless and Cable charging options with innovative backup batteries built into the strap links.
  • Clean tech going for a reasonable price that doesn't break the bank :)

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE Uvolt Watch (in Black, White, Silver and Rose Gold) , ONE Power Reserve (in Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C or Wireless variation) and ONE Uvolt Wireless Charger.  Extra Power Reserves can be purchased at an additional $42.  Grab yours now!

About this project 

























When we reach $175k, we’ll add a LED indicator to display the battery level of your Uvolt Watch. Respecting our sleek design, the LED will only be activated by the touch of your finger. Let’s spread the word and bring this to life.


We believe design is as good as how it works. When you have a solid structure, beauty falls in place just like gravity.

True to its mission of accessibility, the Uvolt Watch is made for everyone, regardless of gender or style. Its minimal lines and analog interface makes it an easy fit for any wardrobe. Our first collection of watches will be available in 4 different colours: black, white, silver and rose gold. 



1 The Uvolt Watch is inspired by classic analog design while containing compact and inventive technology underneath to draw less power.

2 The Uvolt Watch hands have a minimal width to maximize the performance of the solar panel. It is also covered with a thin sheet of anti-reflective mineral glass to further enhance the solar capacity.

3 The power reserve combines a custom circuit that handles the electrical flow of the watch with a high-density lithium-ion battery.

4 The power reserve has an integrated Lightning port for Apple devices, Micro USB or USB-C for Android devices. It can even go entirely wireless.

5 At the bottom sits the wireless receiver for inductive charging through the included dock. It all fits in a durable aluminium body.

6 On top of that, we filled the bracelet with batteries to add more capacity, allowing a second charge after the power reserve has been used.


1 Start your day with a full charge by placing your Uvolt Watch on the wireless charging dock provided with the watch.

2 Whenever your phone is running out of battery, just remove the power reserve from the Uvolt Watch and start a charge.

3 When your phone is charged, you can put the power reserve back in the Uvolt Watch. The batteries within the hinges will recharge the power reserve within 45 minutes.

4 During the day, the Uvolt Watch solar panel harvests energy passively to recharge your watch.


We'll send out a survey at the end of the campaign to find out your choice of color and power reserve model.










Thanks to all the Uvolt Ambassadors.
Marc-Alexandre Delage, Arvin Khalesi, Chris Lin Xin Lu, Alexandra Laval, Adèle Dion-Pivin, Émanuel Grenier-Benoit, Capucine Le Roy, Dennis Zabeida, Jean-Christophe Delage, Justin Lessard Wajcer, Jérémie Lépine, Jonathan Vreugdenhil, Édouard Garceau-Bolduc and Dominic Zhao.

  • Tarek Roushdy: Angel Investor
  • Vicken Kanadjian: President of Cessium
  • Pat Romanelli: Ex-Director of Technology Group at National Bank
  • André Maynard: Vice-President at Quebecor Media
  • Damien Siles: Director of Quartier de l’innovation
  • Luc Giguère: CO-Founder of Telweb
  • Xavier, Maxime and Dominic from Smarthalo
  • Daniel Berger from Revols
  • Christian Houle from Phazon
  • David Doyon from Mindset

In 2011, Antony Diaz moved to Montreal with his family. Born and raised in Colombia, he didn’t know any English or French. But Antony spoke through his passion for science and mathematics.

In the following years, Antony won several mathematics olympics medals, was involved in a nuclear physics project at the University of Montreal and received the Medal of Honour from the National Assembly of Quebec.

In April 2015, Antony met Marc-Antoine Bonin during the final round of an entrepreneurship competition. Quickly, they realized they shared a similar vision of using technology to improve the way we live. In June, Antony and Marc-Antoine founded Uvolt. From that moment on, the Uvolt team has continued growing with the purpose of developing sustainable energy projects to share with the world.

At Uvolt, we looked for ways to make clean energy accessible through wearable technology. We see a future with accessible, unlimited clean energy and the Uvolt Watch is our first step to get there.

  • Tak design: Industrial design
  • Fasken & Martineau: Intellectual property
  • District3: Hardware Accelerator
  • Centech: Hardware Incubator
  • PwC: Accounting
  • Proper Propaganda: Media relationship

Please note that shipping to any country outside North America may be delayed or canceled depending on the particularities of local product approval requirements or local import regulations. In case of cancellation, we will refund your pledge. There may be additional duties, fees or taxes raised by the authorities in your country. You may need to take care of them yourself when receiving the shipment.


Risks and challenges

We are really excited about launching the Uvolt Watch on Kickstarter. However, we know that the most important part of our process is that we fulfill our promise to you, our backers, and deliver your watches on time!

When creating something that has never been done before, unforeseen circumstances do tend to arise. However, we are confident that we have made all preparations to follow-up on the promises we’ve made on our campaign page. With a working prototype developed, a strong team and experienced partners in product design, supply chain management and manufacturing we feel prepared to enter the mass production stage. To facilitate mass production, we are currently simplifying the design and assembly processes. The designs of the packages and other minor details are yet to be decided, but we will share with you, our backers as soon as it is confirmed. Should we come across any deviations in our schedule we will be sure to inform you promptly so that you can follow along with our development.

—The Uvolt Team

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