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About this project 


UPRIGHT GO is a tiny wearable device that improves your posture by vibrating every time you slouch. It also tracks your posture to the UPRIGHT app.

Grouphunt Deal 

You're probably slouching right now aren't you. We need 10 orders for this hunt to go through so if you think now is the time to finally do something about your bad slouching problem, share this with your frineds and join the hunt!

Each pledge comes with 1x UPRIGHT GO Trainer, 1x Travel Case, Pack of 5 Soft Stickers (Lasts about 3 months of daily use), 1x MicroUSB Cable and  a FREE iOS/ Android App. 


Screen slouching is one of the main prices we pay for our modern lifestyle. Poor posture doesn’t just look bad, it has very real negative effects on the body and mind, causing back pain and diminishing confidence.

That's where UPRIGHT GO comes in. We’ve dedicated the last few years to crafting the most effective way to fight and correct this modern epidemic, and we're super proud to share our latest breakthrough with you.
























UPRIGHT GO's double-sided soft stickers are durable and reusable, lasting an average of 15 applications, which lasts on average 2-3 weeks with regular use. The stickers are made from medical silicone and are hypoallergenic. They stick easily and comfortably and work well, even with hair and/or sweat. Each pack comes with 5 stickers, and they will also, of course, be available at an affordable price later on. 

*Please note: we'll contact you before we ship to see if you want to order more stickers or anything else.







UPRIGHT GO is our second posture trainer, our first one - the UPRIGHT PRO, was a huge success.

It's not just us that think so, these awards on our office shelf back up our claim.


 Since our last crowdfunding campaign was so much fun and such a positive learning experience, we decided to again share it with you here.

We're not hypothesizing here, we've got hard data and numbers to back up Upright Technology's effectiveness, and besides seeing the incredible transformations first hand, we had some 3rd party tests. Click below to learn more about studies and tests done with UPRIGHT.  

Click the image to download the whitepaper
Click the image to download the whitepaper



We could not have done any of this without every piece of our amazing team, an amazing group of passionate people dedicating their time to enable people to better help themselves. 



Medical Disclaimer: UPRIGHT hopes to offer users information regarding his/her posture. The service does not constitute medical advice or professional service. The user should always consult with a qualified personal medical advisor. The device is not FDA approved.


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  • Take control of your health and fix that slouching problem!
  • Less than a hundred dollars could save you thousands at the chiropractors down the road!
  • Enjoy up to 18% OFF when you buy with the Grouphunt community.
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