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About this project

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. But we’ve all been through hard times in sleeping, and waking up.










The main technology behind UP light is the fact that light is a very important external factor affecting human’s sleep-wake cycles.

Naturally, our body wakes up when the sun rises because the daylight helps increase our cortisol, the main stress hormone in our body, to a level where our brain tells our body to get up and be energetic for the whole day. However, we don’t want cortisol level high all the time, especially when it is time to have a rest. Cortisol production should decrease gradually throughout the day, until it reaches its lowest level late in the evening.

At the time when cortisol decreases, another sleep-inducing hormone level becomes higher to regulate our sleep/wake cycle - melatonin. However, the lights from our home lights and smart devices screens will suppress the production of melatonin. Lower melatonin, together with an elevated cortisol level, will cause sleep disorders like insomnia and delayed phase sleep disorder.

Based on these scientific facts, the UP team created a light that can simulate sunrise in the morning to help our bodies wake up, and sends out light with the right wavelengths to prepare us for a good sleep.


UP’s wake up mode starts from a dim yellow light and gradually changes to bright yellow, just like the process of sunrise. The increase of light intensity stimulates your body until you wakes up naturally. Set up the time frame you want to get up and your UP will start the sunrise simulation process until your room is filled with bright sunlight.

You can also select a nature sound to wake you up together with the sunlight.

UP connects with the app via WIFI connection. You can even control your UP while you are away from home. 





UP features 16 million colors and unlimited brightness levels. What’s even better? Everything happens at your fingertips! Light your UP using unique color and brightness selections.

With UP’s high quality bluetooth speaker, you can wake up, fall asleep, and do everything you want along with your favorite songs! Easy pair and control via bluetooth.

UP has different modes that allow you to match it with your current mood and environment. Select firefly mode when you are reading a bedtime story for your child or switch to music mode to let the light dance to the rhythm.


With a 6000mah rechargeable battery, UP has an incredible long burn time and meanwhile serves as a power bank for your other devices.



UP will send out dim red lights to help you fall asleep naturally.


Match your lighting to the sound in your home. UP will change with whatever you are playing, creating exhilarating lighting effects in real time. UP is a must-have in your home party!

With a removable strap, you can easily take UP with you to the campsites, or any outdoor places.  

We also put strong magnets on the bottom of UP that allow you to stick it on your car or other metal surfaces when emergencies happen and you need both hands to work things out.



Sleep plays an important role in our physical health. However, most of us suffer from occasional sleep problems, such as insomnia, sleep disorders and so on. So we created UP, an affordable smart light that helps people sleep better, meanwhile brings no side effects.


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