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For anyone who takes their relaxation seriously...Tuck is The Ultimate Comfort Companion. It is the first product ever to truly consider the different ways that people relax, and adapt to their unique comfort preferences. It started as a solution to the equal-but-opposite foot discomfort that the Lewis brothers felt while sleeping, but became so much more over the course of several excited phone calls, sketches, and prototypes. 

In blanket's ideal for snuggles and binge marathons. 

In pillow's perfect for daytime naps, storage, and on-the-go comfort. 

And it's got your back in cloak mode through work-filled mornings, game-filled nights, and those times when your partner decides it is you who gets up for snacks.

Tuck is dozens of other comfort products in one simple, fluffy package, and it does way too much to be called a "blanket."

Dimensions: In Pillow Mode - 18.5in x 15in 

In Blanket Mode - 60in x 70in


The Patent-Pending tri-pocket design of Tuck makes it so there are so many different ways to use it. 

You can stick your feet in one of the safe-pockets to keep them warm or keep your snuggle partner from pulling it usual.

You can fold it up into Pillow-Mode and use it as a combination pillow/sleep mask for a daytime nap, comfy car ride, or relaxing flight. 

Or you can flip it upside down and put your hands through the pouches. The side openings and added thumbholes give you extra freedom when wearing the Tuck, and it has a big cozy hood for some comfy solitude. 

No matter how you use it...Tuck is the perfect uniform for binge sessions, lazy days, and movie marathons. "Netflix and Chill" is much warmer with a pocket to play footsie!

One of our favorite poses - The Old Ben...if you know why it's called that - Cool Points Awarded!
One of our favorite poses - The Old Ben...if you know why it's called that - Cool Points Awarded!

The Tuck is designed to adapt to your you can use it however makes youcomfortable! Here our some of our favorite starter poses to get you started, and show you how we've used the Tuck so far.


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