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Jia Yi
Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Jane
    Hey everyone, we're stoked that we're not alone in this 'travel napping neck-ache' thing. We've reached out to the maker and will need 500 interested folks to run this hunt. If you're keen on the Trtl, help us spread the word!
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  • I have this. It's great if your head tends to fall to the side when you sleep on the plane, and okay if your head falls forward. It does keep you warm too (a bit too warm for me, really) but it does also take up a bit of space since there's a hard plastic shell inside, and you can't hang it on your luggage or off your backpack like with other travel pillows. But it's worth trying if you've tried other travel pillows and they don't work for you.
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    Hey thanks for the cool review! =D I do tend to think that the 'head falling to the side' creates the worst neck-aches, but can see how the Trtl can be kinda bulky. Is it comfortable, with the plastic shell? What other pillows have you tried?
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  • Scroll through the reviews on Amazon and you'll find that this is 1) more economic 2) performs more consistently and better compared to other travel pillows out there *ahem* ;) Let's get a grouphunt rollin' for this!
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  • dessertjunkie
    Judging from the reviews online, this unconventional travel "pillow" seems to check all the boxes. Supports your neck so your head doesn't keep nodding off, isn't bulky, keeps you warm and it looks like you're just wearing a scarf around your neck!
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