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Growing fresh, healthy food at home has never been this easy. 

How It Works

Now you can enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs year round, even if you don't have space for a conventional garden! Just find an empty bottle, fill it with water and insert the World's Smallest Garden.

The World's Smallest Garden contains a special smart soil that uses a capillary action to lift water up to the seed. As the seedling sprouts it sends roots down into the bottle. Not only does this look really cool, but it also allows the plant to water itself. Young plants can survive for up to a month using the initial water in the bottle. As the plants mature their water usage will increase, and we recommend checking the water level at least once a week. Topping up the water supply is straight forward.

This product does not come with bottles - we encourage repurposing and up-cycling. Maybe its a champagne bottle from your anniversary dinner or an olive oil bottle from your trip to Italy. The small amount of plastic we do use in this product is food-grade and biodegradable. It costs us a little more to produce it this way, but we think it's money well spent.

As Featured In

Press release available here and press-kit images here.

What You Can Grow

The World's Smallest Garden will come with a selection of herbs, most likely:

  • Sweet Basil - endlessly versatile and relative to 'holy basil', a sacred plant in Indian culture. Perfect for pasta, pesto and pizza topping. 
  • Mint - best known for its medicinal properties and smell, mint is historically a symbol of hospitality. There's no better way to welcome your friends over than with a fresh mojito. 
  • Plus one more variety, that is yet to be decided. If you've got any ideas on what the third one should be, please leave a comment on our Facebook page (@GetUrbanLeaf) - we'll be figuring it out soon!

Seeds typically germinate in 3-14 days (depending on variety) and yield harvestable amounts of herbs in as little as 4-6 weeks. Plants will typically outgrow the bottle after 3-5 months, but some of our beta samples are over 6 mths old and still going strong. 

What You Get

The basic kit we're offering as a reward for pledging is a 3-pack of the World's Smallest Garden (garden). The garden contains nutrient-enriched smart soil, and the kit comes with a quick start guide, stickers for the bottles and non-GMO seeds.

About Us

Rob and Nate met in early 2016, and immediately bonded over their shared vision for building a healthier and more sustainable food system. From the outset, our goal at Urban Leaf was to make a product that was easy to use. Unlike other hydroponic grow kits on the market today that cost hundreds of dollars and involve sophisticated pumps, lights and automation, the World's Smallest Garden is simple. It doesn't need any of those bells and whistles!

Nate left the finance industry in 2015, determined to build something that his grandchildren would one day be proud of. The first dish he learnt how to cook was spaghetti bolognese, and since a young age has been obsessed with food. He has taken cooking classes all over the world, including a Certificate of Culinary Arts in Toronto. Thai and Vietnamese are his favorite, and he once spent a month exploring the Central Highlands of Vietnam by motor bike in search of the perfect bowl of Banh Hoi (it's all about the fresh herbs!!)

(Dr) Rob was raised on a wood farm in Southeastern Massachusetts, and since moving to NYC has made it his mission to make the place a bit greener! His PhD dissertation focused on Vegetated Infrastructure, and after meeting Nate in early 2016 began to use his plant knowledge to design food growing systems. As well as running R&D, manufacturing and dispatch at Urban Leaf, he has also become famous for his "Upper Westo Pesto" (fortunately he has a very good supply of fresh basil).


Some of the many prototype units that we've 3D printed
Some of the many prototype units that we've 3D printed


Some of our beta users growing their first basil plants!
Some of our beta users growing their first basil plants!


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