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JCR: The Future of Skateboarding is Here! The world's first genuine, intuitively-controlled electric skateboard.


The JCR is a one-of-a-kind electric skateboard that offers the easiest and safest way to ride. Our team of designers and developers have created a unique, intuitively-controlled board that makes skateboarding fun without the anxiety of falling off. Anyone can use it! The JCR Board doesn't require a remote or footpad. All it takes is two feet and the power of your own mind.

We always wanted to cruise the streets on a skateboard – hats turned back, leaning, relaxed, with eyes open to the world sliding by. There was nothing cooler in our minds. But, there was always the dangers involved in skateboarding – falling off, injury, not being able to balance... So, we applied our expertise in robot technology and decided to make our dreams come true. We envisioned a skateboard that combined all of the features of riding, but eliminated the negative aspects. With this, we present the JCR Board! A genuine, intuitively-controlled electric skateboard.

Just step up and go!

JCR Board offers the easiest, most entertaining, and safest way to ride. Our qualified team of developers and designers have created this skateboard that takes skating to the next level.

We need your help! We want you to become a part of our success story! Your support is invaluable to us and will help us to mass produce this game-changing e-skateboard. Just because the technology is advanced, doesn't mean it shouldn't be enjoyed and accessible to everyone.




Hands free, carefree. We used the most advanced sensor technology which relies entirely on the rider's body to control the movement of the board. Lean forward to start and backward to stop. It’s that simple.

Not only is this safer and easier than most remote-controlled electric skateboards, it also gives riders that same feeling of freedom on the road.  

Watch this young man play JCR Board just five minutes after learning to ride.  

 project video thumbnail



JCR Board uses the most advanced Brushless Hub motors in the industry. Unlike conventional belt motors, hub motors have more power, which makes for a smoother riding experience and better climbing ability.

You can easily ride JCR Board through the city, downhill or uphill. Hub motors are mounted inside the wheel to protect the motor from damage and less need for maintenance. 

JCR Board uses high-performance 18650 SAMSUNG lithium batteries, and the battery and battery manage-ment system(BMS) have passed stringent third-party tests.    

You can ride at least 15km on a full-charge. Ideal for commuting and the urban traveler. JCR batteries also meet aviation requirements, meaning, you can take your beloved JCR Board anywhere. 


JCR technology is top-of-the-line and so, the board would not be damaged when it comes into contact with water. You can ride through shallow puddles without a problem.  



JCR Board is only 14lbs! This is one of the lightest boards of its kind. You can carry it everywhere. 



 Two LEDs. Ride at night.



Immediate brakes: Protects riders if they accidentally fall off.


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