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About this project

GOO Connect, the specialist in IOT and consumer electronics, launches an exclusive technology for a phone case with health benefits that protects you against germs. GOO brings a revolutionary technology from the medical sector to the general public making it accessible to everyone. 



With frequent use of smartphones on a daily basis, cell phones can carry 500 times more bacteria than toilet seats alone. To prevent the transmission of germs and other diseases, the GOO phone case was designed as an antibacterial shield to protect you and reduce any chances you’ll catch something unwanted.


When you think of healthcare and new technologies, you typically think of applicative solutions for analysing your fitness activities. But what about the product itself, which is handled so often on a daily basis and liable to transmit germs, with all-too-familiar consequences?

The GOO phone case means:
- Protecting you and your smartphone against germs
- Health technology widely available to the public 




The technology of the GOO phone case is a composite material used for treating surfaces thanks to its antibacterial properties. Composed of copper and high-quality polymer binding agents, is applied in a thin layer to any material and will transform the item into health shield.

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Your contribution to the GOO phone case Kickstarter project will help us finance the final stage to create the world's first antibacterial phone case.

The technology has been designed, manufactured and applied to the cases.

The phone cases are manufactured and tested by our local teams using top-quality materials.

We now need funding to apply the technology process to the GOO phone case and to support the labour, logistics, packaging and communication teams involved with the project.

Discover the behind-the-scenes design of the GOO phone case.

  Production of copper alloyProduction of copper alloy

  First tests on phone casesFirst tests on phone cases

  Prototype of GOO phone casePrototype of GOO phone case

Every contribution counts! To celebrate the launch of the project, first backers will benefit from special early birds rates. Backers who buy more than one case will also receive special discounted prices for each batch chosen (see below). Please make sure the case is compatible with your phone.

Customization: for each GOO phone case, you can choose to have a customised one-line message engraved (your name or nickname, for example).




With over 15 years of experience and expertise in the high-tech sector, GOO Connect boasts core values that focus on making connected items available and accessible to everyone. Whether activity trackers, connected watches, accessories or home automation, GOO Business offers a complete range of high-quality products for all markets. Find out more on

Risks and challenges
GOO Canada Inc is committed to start production of the GOO phone case cases at the end of this campaign if its financing is reached. The technology is effective and the production tool is in place: there are many assurances to deliver products on time. However, with the release of any product, there may be unforeseen obstacles that could prevent us from getting the products on time. We strive to do the best to meet your needs.


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