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We like to stay active. Between hitting the gym 5 days a week, getting outdoors, and doing everything else a normal day demands, we were tired of trying to keep track of all of our daily carry items. 

Turns out most days require a TON of stuff to keep track of. Between a phone, keys, payment cards, IDs, headphones, supplements, and more, we always end up forgetting something, somewhere. 

One day while staring at the water bottles we all carry, we wondered, why not keep track of all our stuff in one place? 

Keep Your Phone Accessible & Secure 

Your Accessories At Your Fingertips 

Pay on The Go

Flip Up Lid for Easy Drinking 

Now you can stay hydrated, and keep all your daily essentials with ease. 

 With over 11 features, this will be the only thing you need to carry on a daily basis, and will easily be your favorite water bottle. 




1. Vacuum Insulated. 

Vacuum insulated construction will keep your cold beverages icy for up to 24 hours, and yourhot drinks steaming for up to 12

2. Zero Sweating or Condensation.

Even better? The hermetically sealed air gap means there is ZERO sweating on the outside of the bottle, which keeps all of your carry essentials perfectly dry. 

3. Impact Resistant 

We use industrial grade neoprene to sew our carry sleeves, making the RushPack incredibly impact resistant. No more dents and dings in your bottle. Even better, the sleeve provides added protection if you drop your 64oz of hydration. Just a nice soft thud, and zero damage to the bottle, with increased protection for your belongings. 

4. Mobile Phone

With a large, flexible mobile phone pocket, you'll be able to carry everything from an iPhone to a Galaxy Note. We've yet to find a phone that won't fit. 

5. Payment Cards & IDs

Keep all of your payment essentials in one place, with incredibly easy access. Carry up to 20 cards or IDs, plus cash. 

6. Keys & Fitness Essentials

The medium sized utility pocket is perfect for carrying your keys, key fobs, and more. Extra room in the card pockets, or utility pocket can easily be used to carry fitness essentials like headphones, supplements, chapstick, and more.

7. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

The RushPack is crafted from surgical grade stainless steel, to keep your water clean, cold, and BPA free. It also makes the bottle incredibly durable. 

8. Straw Flip-Lid 

We got tired of the standard screw caps and spilling water every time we wanted to take a drink, so we've included straw flip-up lid that makes it easy and quick for you to drink at any time. 

9. Carabiner Handle

With everything the RushPack can do, we wanted to make sure it was easy to carry. The RushPack includes a detachable, padded carabiner handle that makes it easy to take wherever you go. 

10. Velcro Patch Strip

For added personalization, the RushPack sleeve includes a soft velcro strip, making it easy to attach military-style patches, or anything else with a velcro hook. 

11. Matte Black Protective Coating 

Finally, the RushPack bottle is powder coated with a matte-black protective coating that protects it from scratches and dings. The logo is beautifully laser engraved on the side for a clean look that's built to last. 



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