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This Cup Will Change The Way You Drink Water Forever!


The overall flavor experience is a result of the combination between scent and taste. While the tongue only tastes 5 sensations (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami), it is the sense of smell that's responsible for 80% of the flavor experience. 
That's why when your nose is stuffed, you hardly taste any flavors at all.

We took the same FDA approved aromatic fruit flavors which beverage companies use in their drinks, and by using proprietary technology we've managed to safely insert them directly into the The Right Cup instead of into the drink. 
Our unique design positions your nose right over the opening, so your nose fully picks up the fruit aroma while your tongue flirts with a hint of sweet taste. 

As a result, your brain is led to believe you're drinking deliciously flavored water, while in fact you're drinking natural, healthy water. Simply pour pure water into The Right Cup and enjoy the flavor your brain craves while your body will get the healthy hydration it needs, without any of the junk.


 It's for people who drink water but don't enjoy the tasteless experience. It's for people who don't drink enough water because they're addicted to the sweet taste of sugary drinks. It's for you, and if you have kids, you must read this review!


Our team consists of quite a few skeptics who wouldn't agree to launch the campaign until they were satisfied with objective taste trials. So we asked people to taste water from our first prototype batch. The reactions were all the proof of concept we needed!



Designed by Tamooz

Questions & Answers


How does it actually work? 
In order to appreciate how The Right Cup works, it’s important to understand the dynamic of how smell affects taste. First the tongue only tastes 5 sensations: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and Umami. The overall taste experience is a result of the interaction of these 5 sensations and the sense of smell. It is estimated that the sense of smell is responsible for approximately 80% of the flavor experience. When people eat and drink, food and liquids release volatile aromas that travel up from the nose and from inside the mouth, past the sinuses until they reach the nasal epithelium which sends a message to the olfactory bulb that the aromas being smelled are a taste being tasted. The Right Cup’s natural fruit aroma combined with a patented sweet taste technology, gives your brain the total perception you are drinking a fruit flavored water.

Where did the idea come from? 
When Isaac Lavi, the founder and CEO, was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 30, he Followed doctors’ orders, and kept away from drinking sugary beverages and drank only plain water. This was very hard as he hated the taste, or actually the lack of taste. Being an expert in the field of scent marketing, it was only natural, that he would seek a scented solution for his new problem. The result…. The Right Cup.

Is The Right Cup 100% safe?
Absolutely YES! The Right Cup uses only FDA approved food grade flavors and completely safe plastics as opposed to consuming flavored beverages, none of these ingredients are added to the beverage, which means they do not actually enter your body. This means that drinking water from The Right Cup is just like drinking water from an ordinary cup, just much more flavorful and enjoyable. 

How is the flavor added to the cup?
This is a proprietary process developed after many years of research. The aromatic flavor ingredients are added directly into the material of the cup during the manufacturing process. The result is a cup with aromatic flavor integrated throughout the entire cup - it is not a coating.

Is The Right Cup safe for people who suffer from diabetes?
Absolutely yes. Drinking water from The Right Cup is just like drinking 100% pure water, and much more enjoyable.

Is it safe for children?
Absolutely YES! In fact it is recommended that kids use The Right Cup and drink water instead of highly sugared or fruit juice and other unhealthy beverages. The Right Cup will help cut down those unwanted liquid calories.

What exactly is inserted into The Right Cup? 
By using proprietary technology we've managed to insert FDA approved aromatic food grade flavors and ingredients directly into the cup’s components at the time of manufacturing. During the process, the aroma and flavor become integral parts of the cup itself in a manner that does not change the plastic characteristics in any way. The Right Cup is made of BPA free plastic and is 100% safe! 

How long does the aroma last? 
The aroma inside the cup will start to dissipate after it is removed from its protective packaging. You can anticipate the aroma taste effect will last approximately 6 months, although many people may find it lasts much longer. We suggest that you wash by hand and store it upside down after opening.

How is drinking water from The Right Cup different from drinking regular flavored water? 
If you read the ingredients of flavored water brands, you will see that most are actually clear soft drinks. You will see the Right Cup difference right away. ALL the others have additives such as flavors and chemical preservatives that are added directly to the beverage, in fact technically, they are no longer water. With The Right Cup you add 100% pure water and you can be sure you are drinking 100% pure water… nothing else! No preservatives. No additives. No Sugar. And of course, Zero Calories.

Why do the sweetened beverages contain preservatives and chemicals?
When additives are added directly into water it provides an ideal environment for bacteria growth, so beverage companies need to add chemicals in to stop the growth. Since 100% pure water does not support bacteria growth there is no need to add chemicals.

The more I use The Right Cup the more the flavor seems to be pronounced, why? 
The brain is tuned to expect things and to compare them with past familiar experiences. So each time you drink from The Right Cup, the brain learns to better understand the taste experience, the result being an increased enhanced flavor experience each time you drink. In addition, when you start cutting back on highly flavored and sweetened flavor levels, you learn to appreciate flavors at lower levels. This also helps you to increase enjoyment of everything else you eat and drink.

What flavors are currently in development? 
Orange, Mixed Berry, Apple, Peach and Cola. The Right Cup will continue to release new flavors on a regular basis.

How do I clean the cup?
It is recommended to hand wash the Right Cup in the sink, with water and soap. It is not recommended to use a dishwasher as this may expedite aroma release.

How does The Right Cup help satiation? 
Many people mistake thirst signals for hunger signals and eat when their bodies are actually trying to tell them they are thirsty. This concept is explained in the book “Your Body's Many Cries For Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. In Dr. Hirsch’s book “ScentSational Dieting” he explains how exposure to aroma breaks the conditioned response to eat every time you feel hungry. Everyone understands how smelling fresh bread makes them hungry, however that same mechanism also can be manipulated to make you feel full.

Where can I tell you my shipping address? 
When the campaign is over we will be sending everyone a survey where you will tell us where to send the The Right Cup(s).


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