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About this project


ReNew: to restore to a former state esp. so as to be used again

ReBuild: to revise, reshape, or reorganize

ReInvention: to remake as if from the very beginning; renovate

ReInterpretation: to interpret again; specifically : to give a new or different interpretation to

Redesing: to revise in appearance, function, or content


Rewallet is the result of the combination of tradition and technology. Laser cutting and subsequent handcrafting process for the manufacture of the wallet. Made with Full grain vegetable tanned cow leather from Italy (It is the legendary Tuscan Vacchetta) and equipped RFID protection, technological materials needed today. The rewallet combines past, present and future.


They are made one by one, firstly laser cut and the following production process is handmade, using leather working tools and hand stitched using French linen thread.


The Leather

Full grain vegetable tanned cow leather from Italy: It is the legendary Tuscan Vacchetta.

It is a natural leather that can be distinguished by its feel and smell. When it is new it shines with warm colours and, over time, it ages but it does not deteriorate, it remains alive, transforming and adapting itself to the use it is given…

It is the best leather available and does not contain any contaminating chemical products or toxic substances that cause allergic reactions. It is biodegradable, ecological and environmentally sustainable.

The Thread

Fil au Chinois Lin Câblé a French waxed linen thread, expressly designed for the production of leather items. It is the best material available for this type of work and it is what the most exclusive brands of leather goods use. It has a very rich tone and visual strength.It is a strong and durable thread with a soft and shiny finish that gives these items a unique character.



RFID Proctection
RFID Proctection


Hand Stitched
Hand Stitched




Choose your ReWallet, you can choose the color after the project is successfully funded:

The ReWallet S

  • Hand-sewn 
  • Measures  10 cm x 7 cm 
  • Color: Tan and Black 
  • Two compartment for cards and bills 
  • Capacity 6 cards 
  • RFID Protection



ReWallet S Tan
ReWallet S Tan


ReWallet S Black
ReWallet S Black




The ReWallet L

  • Hand-sewn 
  • Measures  10,5 cm x  7,5 cm 
  • Color: Tan and Black 
  • Two compartment for cards 
  • Bills compartment 
  • Capacity 6 cards 
  • RFID Protection
  • Magnetic Clousure  


ReWallet L Tan
ReWallet L Tan


ReWallet L Black
ReWallet L Black





With your support, I will be able to complete workshop space and to get a laser cutter that will allow me to efficiently produce the ReWallet and more Albert Lacreu's leather goods in the future. As well, will also provide the necesary funds to meet the purchase of the raw material for producing the leather goods.

ReWallet L Tan Laser cut parts
ReWallet L Tan Laser cut parts

The objetive from Albert Lacreu's to be able to offer a new line of high quality leather goods at low price, optimizing production time with the cutting and marking the holes stitching on the leather parts with laser machine.




Vía Correos: Certified Letter (*)

Shipping Cost: 3 €

Delivery times:

Average according to point of origin / destination, for items posted before 16:00 in offices which open in the afternoon, or 14:30 in offices opening only in the morning:

- Local: 1 working day - Provincial: 2 working days.

- National: Delivery throughout Spain of 93% of posted items in 3 working days.

- Europe: 2 - 4 working days.

- Other destinations: Depending on the country.

(*)Items are delivered and signed for at the address of the recipient. If they can not be delivered, a notification will be left in the letterbox so they can be collected from the indicated Post Office, where they will be kept for 15 days.

Import quota / Customs 

Deliveries made outside of Europe may be subject to taxes or other charges as they are imported.

The amount of the charges depends on each country or state. You will have to contact your local customs office if you require more information on possible additional charges.

Albert Lacreu will not be held responsible for additional charges in the recipient country or state of the package.

Risks and challenges

We are a small craft workshop produces products with delicacy and detail. We believe for the rewards realization's we will not have any kind of problems for scheduled deadlines cumplimention's, since these are not high rewards amounts and in each goal the amounts are realistic to manufacture by us. If necessary we would expand more goals with new reward delivery times estimated in accordance with the number of the goal sponsors.

Even so, there may be risks and unexpected arising from delays in the collection of all materials and tools necessary for the rewards production's, beyond our control. In case this happens, we have the sufficient experience to be able to rectify the inconveniences and give an efficient answer.

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