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The first version of the Mouse Pouch came to life in 2014, just like most other products on the market, out of necessity. I work in a corporate setting, with multiple meetings occurring every day. Most of which require traveling throughout different sections of the office, trips to multiple floors, and sometimes journies to separate buildings all together - with my laptop and mouse in tow. Trying to work solely off of my computer's touchpad just doesn't cut it, so I (like many of my co-workers) take my mouse with me. 

Unfortunately, most of the time, it's not only a laptop and mouse in-hand as I bounce from one meeting to the next.  A cup of coffee (95% of the time), notepad & pen, snack, or any number of other items often accompany me from one conference room to the next...And then, you arrive at your destination, after successfully balancing your belongings on top of one another, and still have to open that office door.

It was because of this, that the Mouse Pouch was created. I wanted a secure spot for mice to travel safely throughout the day, while freeing up hands for high-fives and shakas, and not adding any extra weight or bulk to my computer. 

We've tried out multiple fabrics, adhesives, form factors, and fasteners since the birth of the Mouse Pouch concept. After much trial and error, the final production is ready to go. Please support our campaign and bring this useful product to life.

How Does It Work?

Pick a spot on your laptop or tablet for your Mouse Pouch - we recommend keeping in mind where you generally grip your device. Next, clean the surface and make sure it's dry to the touch. Remove the paper covering from the adhesive side of the Mouse Pouch. Stick firmly to the device, thoroughly pressing down all areas of the pouch. Done. 

 Will My Mouse Fit? 

We designed the Mouse Pouch to fit most standard mice on the market. From slim, to more rounded form factors, it's a one-size fits most solution. The high-grade lycra material allows for maximum stretch, while holding your mouse snug and in place.  

How Strong Is The Adhesive?

Glad you asked. It's really strong. We tested it by attaching a Mouse Pouch to a 10 lb. weight. As you can see, it passed with flying colors. Your average mouse weighs in at around .2 lbs (thats point two). Our 10 lb. weight is about 50 times heavier than your mouse. The 3M adhesive is powerful stuff, but it won't damage your laptop if you need to remove it.

A Functional Sticker?

Lots of people put stickers on their laptops. Just think of the Mouse Pouch as another sticker...a sticker that makes your life easier.

Don't use a mouse?

Have no fear, the Mouse Pouch can still be for you. There are all kinds of other uses for it!

Two Color Options

The Mouse Pouch was designed to match the colors of most laptops and tablets; hence, grey and black.

Mouse > Touchpad

When it comes down to it, this is a no-brainer. Using a mouse is a far better user experience than clicking away at a touchpad.

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