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Grouphunt Note: All orders come with the Muncher & a pouch (showcased in the picture above). 

The Muncher packs a punch with 10 functionalities. Made from AEROSPACE GRADE TITANIUM, it is amazingly strong and light-weight at just 0.7oz / 20grams. The ideal companion on any trip where weight and space are a consideration. The Muncher's versatility makes it an everyday carry for any adventurer or traveller, be it camping in your back yard to backpacking around the world.



Both spork and serrated knife are highly polished for an easy to clean finish. Because it is made of titanium you will experience no metallic smell or taste. Also, it does not rust like other metals.

A hypalon pouch keeps the utensil safely stowed away. The carabiner allows it to be attached almost anywhere for safe keeping. The pouch stores a ferrocerium fire starting flint that can be used in conjunction with the angled edge of the can opener to create a spark to get your fire going wherever in the wilderness you might be.


In the middle of the utensil you will find a bottle opener which also functions as a handy potato peeler. Next to this is a can opener and chord cutter. The end of the utensil can be used in a variety of ways, be it a flat head screw driver, ply-bar for opening lids or even a box cutter for opening food packaging.


We are all set up with our manufacturing partner in Hong Kong that we have worked closely with for the last 5 years. They are experts in original equipment manufacturing, specialising in metal engineering. The Muncher will be stamped from 1.5mm sheet titanium and then CNC'd. It will be finished by polishing and sandblasting, giving it its unique high quality finish.

The pouch is made from a durable laser engraved hypalon material double stitched along either side with a riveted hole for the carabiner to attach.

The money raised from kickstarter will allow us to make the tooling and place an order for the initial production run.

With the "Kiwi No.8 wire mentality" (basically you can fix anything with a piece of fencing wire) Mark (Full Windsor founder) looked into how he could reduce the amount of gear you need when heading out into the whop-whops / outdoors / wilderness / whatever you wanna call it. He decided the spork was a great jumping off point, but surely more could be done! Listing the most commonly used tools involved around food and its preparation whilst in the middle of nowhere, he began the design process. 

With functionality at the top of the checklist, every function of the multi utensil had to work great in its own right. With weight also being a major consideration, titanium was an obvious choice of material. After a year and a half of design and hundreds of tweaks later The Muncher (or the "Kiwi Army Spork" as we like to call it) was born.

Full Windsor is an outdoor and cycle accessories brand working out of both San Francisco and the UK. We make unique gear that embraces the outdoors. Whether it be bike-packing around the world or your next micro-adventure out of town, for everyday use or into the wild. Our team is made up of curiously minded designers looking to create high quality gear that is unique and well thought through, both functionally and aesthetically. Founded in 2011 by award winning Kiwi product designer - Mark Windsor.

We have successfully launched both our Nutter and Breaker cycle multi tools previously on Kickstarter. We can't state how much we appreciate all the backers sharing the journey with us and allowing us to do what we do.

Kickstarter - Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

Kickstarter - Breaker Cycle Multi Tool



Risks and challenges

Launching both our Nutter and Breaker Multi tools successfully we provided all our backers with a excellent quality product manufactured to a very high standard. We have learnt many lessons from our previous products and will implement all the strategies we have learnt to run the production process for The Muncher as smoothly as possible.

To help minimize risks we have waited until we have everything in place before putting The Muncher on Kickstarter. From countless numbers of prototypes and testing, to developing a trusting relationship with the right manufacturer over the years, we feel we are now ready to move forward into production with your help. However we are realistic and through experience know that no project is ever 100% free of risk.

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