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Introducing the Invisible Carry-on

A single backpack that simplifies the way you travel. The Invisible Carry-on is the result of over 500 fellow travelers banding together with a goal to make traveling quicker, easier, and smarter. A bag that:

  • has enough space,
  • doesn't require check-in,
  • is easy to pack and organize,
  • can be used as a regular backpack once you arrive,
  • looks amazing while doing all of the above.

Everything you need for a pain-free travel experience inside a single bag. 

Scroll down to find out how it can simplify your travel!












Designed for easy packing

Forget about pilling up your things on top of each other. With its wide opening, the Invisible Carry-on packs and unpacks just like a suitcase - quick and easy. 

Always take it on-board

Have enough space for all your things, without having to spend time and money checking your bag. The Invisible Carry-on complies with airline cabin luggage limits, which means you don't need to worry about your things being lost or damaged.






Separate padded laptop/tablet compartment

Keep the important stuff safe and easily accessible. The padded compartment will hold up to a 15.6" laptop. Your tablet and important documents are also welcome to come along for the ride. 


Quick pocket for your essentials

Your phone, passport, tickets, and anything else you don't want getting lost now have a place of their own. 


A dedicated cable pocket

Mixing your chargers with everything else is never a good idea. Especially when you want to get through security quickly. The bottom cable pocket is here to help you with that.


A place for everything else

Your book, glasses and anything else you want to keep safe and within hand’s reach will find a place in the front padded compartment.






Two bags in one

The thing that slows you down the most is having to bring two bags instead of one. So, we made the Invisible Carry-on compressible. No more compromising between space and comfort. A bigger bag for easy packing and a smaller one for comfortable exploring. Two bags in one. Simple.






Explore without worry  

There are things none of us can afford to lose or have stolen. We added a secret secure pocket (the "Rodney") that will keep your passport, cash, or tickets back home safe and hidden.


Comfortable fit

A well-padded back and a removable sternum strap for a first-class journey.


Rain? No problem

Rain can be a letdown, but we made sure it doesn't give you any more problems than it should. The Invisible Carry-on has a durable weatherproof exterior that will keep the elements out and your things dry.


Not another tourist

The problem with most travel bags is that you can't really feel yourself wearing it. It's a label that makes you look like someone who doesn't belong and who locals should try to avoid. The Invisible Carry-on was designed to be discrete and minimal - a beautiful object that makes the right style statement wherever you go.



  • A big main compartment for packing
  • Two organizational pockets in the main compartment's lid
  • Separate laptop compartment fits up to a 15.6" screen laptop 
  • Quick drop-in pocket for phone, passport, etc.    
  • A bottom cable pocket   
  • A front compartment for everything else
  • A secret secure pocket

Materials and size:  

  • Shell: 800x600D technical waterproof nylon-polyester blend  
  • Details: PU+PVC 
  • Dimensions: H20.5in (52cm) x W13.4in (34cm) x D5.9-7.9in (15-20cm)
  • Capacity: 24-33L
  • Weight: 3.2lbs (1450g)


Proper acting
Proper acting

 Hi! We are Dom and Luke.

We're two guys from a small brand called OPPOSETHIS (a.k.a px urbanwear). We design minimal and functional bags and three years ago we funded the first Invisible Backpack right here on Kickstarter. This is not our first rodeo, nor our first bag. And each bag we've ever made has followed two simple rules:

1. Functional and useful

2. Minimal and beautiful

The unique factor of the Invisible bags is not just the minimal aesthetics or plenty of hidden pockets. Nothing would be possible without the technical and high-grade materials used for all of them. The 800x600 nylon blend is special to say the least. It's not only extremely waterproof and durable, but also light weight and beautiful to look at. YKK zippers and buckles, custom car belt straps, and every other piece that makes each bag an object you won't mind touching. With no visible branding and clean aesthetics, an Invisible bag is an object that's beautiful inside and out.

So, what are we doing here again?


Project Carry-on

Over the last 3 years we got asked on several occasions whether we would ever design a travel bag. So, 3 months ago we decided to finally go for one. But instead of just designing one, we made it a bit more interesting. 

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