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It's a menstrual disposal kit for women who spend time outdoors, travel, or otherwise encounter situations with no place to discard period products.

No waste bin? No problem. Stash your period trash in the Go With Your Flow pack.

The Go With Your Flow pack has a built-in disposal system for storing used menstrual products (like tampons, applicators, and pads) that contains odors and leaks. It also keeps your period supplies clean and handy, and it includes wipes (for when there's no toilet paper).

So next time you're camping, hiking, traveling on another continent, at a festival, or anywhere without a waste bin, you'll never need to worry about what to do with your used tampon, pad, liner, or wipe.








Grouphunt Deal 

This is a hunt for the adventurous ladies out there. We need 25 orders for this hunt to proceed so share this with your other lady friends and join the hunt! The hunt is for the Mini-size menstrual disposal kit. 

If you want to go further, we're offering the following add-ons:
Upgrade to Clutch (+$10)
Upgrade to Mini + Clutch Set (+$28)
Refill Pack (+$9.90)


It has a 2-step disposal system.







The Mini is designed for day use. It holds 1 - 3 disposals, depending on the size of the products you use (tampons without applicators take up far less space than super-absorbency pads!).

The Clutch is for longer, multi-day trips. It holds up to 12 disposals, depending on your products. (In the future, we’ll offer extra Clutch disposal pouches so you can increase your pack’s disposal capacity as needed.)

"Adventure" means something different to everyone. But here's something countless "adventures" have in common: there's no waste bin. If you're adventuring while menstruating, how do you handle all the trash from used period products? How do you keep clean (including if you use a menstrual cup!)?

It's really important to Leave No Trace and pack your trash out with you when you're outdoors. Period products don't biodegrade, so they should never be buried or left outside. And flushing tampons, applicators, pads, or wipes down a toilet – any toilet – can cause messy blockages.  

Read our blog to find out why none of these options are very good--for the environment, for other people, or for you!

Instead, you should Go With Your Flow!


  • Easy -  the pack's design is elegant in its simplicity. Using it is straightforward, intuitive, and convenient- just grab your pack and go.
  • Clean - the pack keeps used and unused products completely separate, and includes wipes so you can clean up even without toilet paper or a bathroom sink.
  • Discrete - we're not shy about our periods, but in case you don't want to be reminded of your period trash, our opaque bio-baggies and smell-proof, leak-proof disposal system makes sure your period stays contained.
  • Green - with the pack, you don't have to resort to burying/ flushing your period products, or using petroleum-based plastic bags to pack them out. 

The Go With Your Flow pack is designed to go anywhere there's no waste bin.

Managing menstrual hygiene should not keep any woman from her next adventure, big or small - whether it's a backcountry expedition or a day hike, a marathon or a music festival, traveling the world or simply going to school. (have you seen our menstrual manifesto?)

In other words, where can't you Go With Your Flow?










The outer case has several carefully-sized pockets inside:  one holds the wipes, one holds the bioplastic baggies, and one holds your period supplies.  The disposal pouch fits snuggly inside, too.

The disposal pouch is made from a coated, nonporous material that contains odors and moisture.  The pouch features a moisture-barrier zipper that's also coated and sealed to contain odors and prevent leaks.

Our wipes are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and made in California using FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified materials. 

Rather than use a traditional petroleum-based plastic, our disposal baggies are made with a biofilm that is made entirely from renewable, non-GMO plant materials. The baggies are completely opaque and they seal up into a nice little bundle.

We sent the packs to women around the world for beta testing. Our packs went whitewater rafting, trekking, camping, and hiking. They went to work in the backcountry and in the farm fields. From the Nicaraguan tropics to the Himalaya of Nepal, our packs were tested in a full range of environments, conditions, and cultures. 


 "Thanks again for thinking of me for the beta testing. The pack was SUPER helpful at SalmonFest." -Audie

The feedback we got from our beta testers helped us refine our final designs and select materials. Their feedback also emphasized that the Go With Your Flow pack makes adventuring on your period easy, clean, and stress-free.

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