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ONE DAY FLASH SALE! Get the truly wireless bluetooth earbuds you've always wanted!


Grouphunt Deal

We know, we guys want The Dash, bad. Well, we're ready to accept orders! To emphasize, the price only unlocks if we get 20 orders, so make sure  you commit to the hunt and share this with your friends! For this hunt, we only have black available. 

Looking for the Headphones from Bragi instead? We have a hunt live for that too right here

We've done three dimensional scans of hundreds of ears and tested different shapes. Finally three shapes developed that would provide comfort and fit for a broad range of ears. Silicone sleeves matching the three sizes (S/M/L) are delivered with The Dash package.

Why The Dash will fit perfectly:

  • Three different sized silicone sleeves to fit your ear
  • No cables pulling on the headphones
  • Lightweight — a Dash ear phone weighs less than 13,8 grams
  • Ergonomic design
  • Three Point Secure Fit
Three Point Secure Fit.
Three Point Secure Fit.


  • General: Volume, audio transparency, pair devices
  • Music controls: Play, pause, next, back 
  • Only embedded playback: Shuffle, select playlist
  • Communication controls: Answer, end, reject, hold
  • Tracking controls: Start/stop, 3 upon demand feedback macros, forced feedback on minimum, maximum and time goals
  • Sync music via USB 2.0 and sensor data via USB and Bluetooth
iOS / Android / Windows Phone Setup-App is available for free when launched.
iOS / Android / Windows Phone Setup-App is available for free when launched.
Helle winning the 2013 Miami IRONMAN
Helle winning the 2013 Miami IRONMAN

"The Dash is a discrete device that delivers clear sound without blocking out what is going on around us. The Dash's ability to tell us how long we have exercised for, how far we have travelled and how fast we are moving, whilst also delivering heart rate readings and oxygen saturation level, suddenly puts this device as one of the most innovative, yet necessary pieces of audio technology in modern times."
Helle Frederiksen, FEB 2014



The Dash is still in development and we have learned from previous development projects that unforeseen challenges might change the specifications. These are our current preliminary specifications:


The Dash outlines

Technical Specifications

100 % Wireless Music

  • Left and Right high quality balanced armature speakers with A2DP profile, AAC and SBC audio codec
  • Passive bilateral noise isolation
  • Audio transparency feature allowing access to ambient environmental sound
  • Microphones: Digital MEMS microphones with custom mechanical tuning, external auditory microphones and EarBone microphone
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20.000Hz
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz


  • Play time: Up to 4 hours depending on system usage
  • Charging time: less than 2 hours
  • 100mAh Lithium-ion battery


  • Setup of preferences
  • Control The Dash
  • Customize The Dash interface
  • Track live and display historical activity data
  • Get support from Bragi
  • Available on App Store, Google Play and Microsoft

Bluetooth & Compatibility

  • Dual mode Bluetooth 4.0: Audio compatible with classic Bluetooth devices
  • Bluetooth LE (Devices require BLE compatibility for full functionality):
    • Apple iPhone® 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7S, iPad® (3rd generation and later), iPod® Touch 5th generation and above.
    • Android: devices with Bluetooth LE hardware running Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean (API Level 18) and newer
    • Limited support for Windows 10 Mobile


  • High-resolution optical touch sensor
  • Left Side: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
  • Right Side: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer
  • Dual pulse oximeter sensors

The Dash Charger

  • Charging: USB charger and USB cable with micro USB connector.
  • 2200mAh battery within the charger provides up to 5 full charges of The Dash.
  • MagSnap: magnetic easy charging for The Dash


  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Multicolour LED Light System
  • Touch controls


  • Running – Real time voice feedback, Heart rate, Steps, Duration, Calories, Distance
  • Cycling – Real time voice feedback, Heart rate, Cadence Duration
  • Swimming – Real time voice feedback, Heart rate, Breaths, Pool Lengths, Duration

Music Player

  • Embedded music player
    • 4GB data storage*
    • MP3, AAC (No DRM)
  • Transfer music files via USB
  • Streaming music
  • A2DP profile, AAC and SBC audio codec
  • Supports any Bluetooth A2DP compatible device

Touch controls

  • General: Volume, audio transparency, pair devices.
  • Music controls: Play, pause, next track, previous track.
  • Tracking controls: Start/stop, activity feedback.

What's Inside?

The Dash, The Charger & The Slide

FitSleeves - XS / S / M / L

USB / Micro USB Cable


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