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The New Kid On The Block!

  • Multifunctional anti-theft backpack with handy security functions like a TSA approved lock and a retractable metal wire lock.
  • Slashproof fabric thats 40% stronger than Kevlar and 2 times stronger than Carbon Fibre.  Near indestructable!
  • Removable multifunctional electonic and toiletries zip pouches.  Customise it the way you like it!
  • Designed to hug your back, distributing the weight evenly and reducing strain on your shoulders or lower back.
  • RFID inbuilt compartments to keep your information safe, so you can travel worry-free! 

Grouphunt deal features ONE ClickPack Pro, ONE Rain Cover and TWO Toiletry Bags 


















Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • drylchn
    If you're looking to get a bag that looks good, is comfortable to carry and gives you peace of mind, then you'll want this bag over its competitors. I got mine as an early bird with Kickstarter and the first thing I did when I got it was slash it with a knife. Didn't even leave a scratch. The bag is also one of the most comfortable backpacks that I've used and I really like the minimalist design to it. The TSA lock and metal wire lock are equally impressive and sturdy. One thing to note though. This is a 17L bag and so you shouldn't expect it to fit too much, especially with the semi-rigid shell of the bag. But you will definitely be able to carry your work essentials, and at least a change of clothes, minus the shoes.
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    WOW. Thanks sharing your review with the community! We really appreciate your effort in providing such a well thought out piece of review for the community who're probably slightly overwhelmed with choices at the moment - lots of anti-theft bags going around. We're also very impressed by your bravery. Haha, you actually slashed it! Thanks for doing that so the rest of us won't have to. For that we're dropping you some Grouphunt credits! Happy hunting!
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  • ckh98258
    What's gonna happen if current 2nd Run not able to hit min 10 orders?
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    Hey like what Yanhan mentioned, the minimum number is quite strictly imposed here. But as usual, we'll always do our best to get it. Otherwise, we'll look for something else(:
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  • theslayer
    What happens if the requirement of 50 orders is not met?
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    For this particular run, the hunt is unsuccessful; the minimum number is pretty strictly imposed here. We can always look for something else :)
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  • Hi just wondering if the price will be reduced for 50pcs? Did some simple math and let me just lay it out. Kickstarter price for 50pcs is $3790USD(Shipping included), which comes up to about $5298SGD. Say we factor in conversion rate of additional 0.01 per dollar. That will add up to $5344SGD. Even if we cap it at $5375SGD and divide by 50 it only comes up to $107.50SGD. $139SGD is actually slightly more expensive than when backers purchase 2 bags on kickstarter ($137SGD).
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  • hltan
    This backpack: 18x13x6 inches. Capacity: 17L. Net weight: 1289g(Including the backpack and all accessories). Bobby backpack is also anti-theft but lesser features. 14L capacity. but lighter at 850g. and cheaper. Both seems like good choices for anti-theft, but see if you need other features and if the weight is important.
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    Hey hltan! Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts on the Bobby vs the Clickpack Pro! We really appreciate your input to help the community make a more informed decision!
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  • ecreyes
    Will the pack be in gray or all black ?
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    Hi Ecreyes! I believe that the bag will be a mixture of Grey and Black, very similar to the pictures of the prototype. Although the community on KS has been pushing the distributors for an all-black version, the creators have replied that they were unable to find a suitable black slash proof material to meet their standards. An all grey version also went against their vision for what the Clickpack pro should look like so it seems like they will still be keeping the original design of Clickpack pro but lining the interior with the grey slash proof fabric to make the entire bag slash proof. This does mean that the black areas on the exterior could still be slashed by force, but would be stopped by the interior grey fabric. Hope this helps!
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  • Joey
    Any idea when will this hunt go live?
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    Hey Joey! Fret not, we're on it!
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