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It's time to toss those sweaty sweatpants! Introducing the flagship product from our Explorer collection: The Brooklyn Explorer pants. A new breed of performance pants, created to change the way the modern man does adventure and travel. Our patent pending fabric blends organic cotton and rip stop nylon, and is infused with silver microbial nanotech. Together, these materials bring a sustainable, breathable and moisture resistant textile like you've never seen. Combined with a movement focused fit- The Explorer pants are built for adventure.

Pictured: 2nd prototype, March 2017
Pictured: 2nd prototype, March 2017


The Brooklyn pants are straight cut with a two-way stretch, tapered around the knees and legs for maximum movement, durability and comfort. The original idea sparked while trying to find a comfy and stylish pair of pants to bike in, but we soon realized these made better pants for anything from hiking to exploring the city or just simply living your everyday best life.







We focused heavily on the range of motion these pants would reach, and detailed the places with most stress. The knee's are tailored to have an increase range of motion while bending. This allows you to climb those high points without having your pants tear at the crotch or seam. The leg opening is precisely tapered to sit comfortably at the ankle without going over your sneakers. We finished it off with a seat gusset- with provides extreme flexibility without bulge.  

Pictured: Stretch and gusset testing, Finger Lakes NY March 2017
Pictured: Stretch and gusset testing, Finger Lakes NY March 2017



Our patent pending 066 stretch textile brings out the best of breathable and mobility, while giving a comfortable stretch. Using a blend of air texturized nylon and cotton, infused with microbial nanotech,  our unique fabric allows you to move without any confinements. The nano technology features water and soil resisting properties make them perfect for the wild outdoors. They can handle the contestant stress of everyday life, as well as of serious active sports and still look amazing. 

The silver infused treatment which is similar the surface structure of a lotus leaf. Water will bead and roll off, as will soil, coffee and wine. These are extremly water resistant, but they will get wet under heavy moisture. Even then, they they will dry quickly, so you can keep it moving. While the silver infused effect does fade slightly over wear, 7 minutes in the dryer will re-activate the effect to nearly fullest.




Let's stop wearing sweatpants every time we need to get active. We've created pants with movement- without any restrictions. The knees are tailored with extra space around the knees. This tapering, combined with the stretch fabric, allows movement like never before. 



At the end of the day- these are pants made for being active. Durable enough for industrial outdoors, yet sleek enough for the office. We've all had our phones, cash or I.D slip out an get lost. NO MORE OF THAT! We combined out revolutionary fabric with unparalleled details. Our theft proof side pockets provide ample storage space, integrated with an invisible zipper. Throw in your wallet, cash, passport- zip up, and you're all set! 


Reinforced seams allow a life of durability without tearing. Minimal details, such as a steel utility hook, and theft proof pockets, make the Brooklyn Explorer Pants immensely functional for outdoor and travel. 




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