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Brand new invisible down technology

In October of last year, we used the latest and most innovative down technologies to create a new type of trench coat that is warmer and cozier than ever. After launching the project on Kickstarter, the generous support from our backers allowed us to make our first batch of these new invisible down trench coats. 

However, we are aware that the higher production costs brought on by the new down technologies have discouraged some of our most loyal backers from offering their support. That’s why we are excited to share some good news! After six months of research, we have succeeded in effectively lowering the cost of production while raising production output and efficiency. We hope that the lower costs will attract more support for our trench coat. Our ability to make such warm, humanitarian and high-quality down trench coats is only made possible by the support of our backers.

The evolution of our fabric

While the sleekness of the structure and lightness of the embedded goose feather have appealed to a great amount of fashion wanderers, there's one issue remaining for our trench coat: the outer layer feels too heavy!

In order to answer our customers' demand, we've employed a revolutionary manufacturing technique which decrease 20% of the weight of the outer fabrics while  preserving its characteristics of water repellent, stain resistant and oil resistant at the same time. The trench coat feels lighter, but the style and charm won't. 


 Goose down feathers have a characteristic that no one has been able to solve for hundreds of years. The fluffy feathers are also bulky. We can't give up this material, as it is the warmest known to man thanks to the unique 3D structure that provides unbeatable insulation. We have managed to alter the bulkiness by using innovative feather processing technology to create a truly slim fitting down trench coat.








Using the latest feather processing technology from Italy, we offer something that has never been done before. This technology has feathers that are pressed in between two innovative fabrics to keep the exclusive advantages of down without any of the drawbacks.

*Manufactured by Thindown in Italy



  •  New Design, Style and Sizing 

The new and improved design has a removable invisible down vest, while the detachable trench coat is suitable for three seasons - Spring / Winter / Fall.



The stylish vest can also be worn separately so you can flaunt the sustainable, ethically raised and farmed goose down fabric all by itself.

Customizing your jacket is just another way we’ve upgraded our design.


We listened to feedback from our customers to create a totally new design. To improve on the sizing issue, we invited a professional technical designer to be in charge of sizing to make sure the coat fits perfectly.

  •  Using special AcoTex coating on the exterior makes it oil resistant / water repellent / stain resistant, which lowers the impact to the environment by reducing the number of times the coat needs to be washed.
  • As usual, we found the best factory and durable materials to make a high-quality jacket that will last for a longer time. 






Antar penguin trench coat features:

Invisible down

  • Slimmer figure 
  • 68% warmer 
  • Made in Italy 
  • No feathers popping out 
  • Cruelty-free goose down 


  • Water repellent 
  • Stain resistant 
  • Oil resistant 
  • Removable vest 
  • Suitable for three seasons 


  • 18 times cheaper than luxury brand



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