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The Berg Backpack is still available to buy!! ---------------->

A Backpack created for the modern everyday life - With hidden zippers, to outsmart the thieves. Designed to support your back. Easy to access pockets and a revolutionary material.

We are a team who are passionate about creating great products. One day, we realized that the bags we were using everyday, had a lot of problems. So we decided to to something about it, simply to get a better bag for our everyday life. A year later, we had an amazing design for, what we think is an amazing bag.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us directly on:








Over 400.000 Thefts are comitted every day around the world, so we designed the Berg Backpack to solve this.



We designed a hidden zipper, that is located up against you back. So no thieves will have access to your valuable stuff.









The Berg Backpack hugs your back, making it feel very naturally on your back. This design will distribute the weight evenly and reduce back pains. 

We placed the laptop compartment up against your back, so it feels dramatically lighter. It also improves your posture when walking and running.






One back pocket for the passport, cash or wallet.

 Side pocket for the phone, wallet or metrocard.



 The revolutionary material on the Berg backpack is amazingly durable and strong. We have tried with super sharp knives and really put some weight in, but have not been able to cut through the material. 


 The oxford material is water repellent, and we have tested this ourselves. 

WSRS Waterproof rating system, we have found that it is Class 2. 









Stretch Goals:



We are a small but very dedicated team, trying to create the best product that we can. For many many months now, we have been working on this and we hope that you will like it.






Our design mantra is simplicity, and this is very visible in the Berg Backpack. Nothing other than what needs to be there, is included in the design. 

We went through a lot of prototyping to come up with the right design. We started with the drawing and thinking process - then we contacted the manufacturer, to produce the first prototypes. We got the first ones, but they was not working, as we wanted. So we went back to the drawing board and took some more time before ordering more prototypes. We then went back after a few weeks, and now with a clear idea of how it should be. And shortly after, we received the final Berg Backpack.





Risk And Challenges: 


We designed the Berg Backpack from the sketches on a paper, so we feel that we know the backpack and the quality that we are producing it in.

We work with a manufacturer in China, that has many years of experience in producing travel and everyday bags. They know how to make bags and therefore has a realistic timeline for the production of the Berg Backpack.

The challenge therefore will not be the production side, but mostly the fulfillment side. Because we offer worldwide shipping, we can have some delays to people living in places where the shipment infrastructure is not easy. But we will get it to you! We are partnering with Shipwire to make sure that most people gets the bag at the promised time.

So in short, there is nothing to worry about.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Seems to be exactly similar to this Tigernu bag. Is the Berg of better quality?
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  • siimpliiciity
    All Perks are included Free Worldwide shipping. As low as 46USD per bag with 10 backpacks per order! A Backpack created for the modern everyday life - With hidden zippers, to outsmart the thieves. Designed to support your back. Easy to access pockets and
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