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The world’s first flameless, electronic, rechargeable candle lighter. 

The ArcLighter is powered by our revolutionary new patent-pending technology that replaces the traditional flame with a super high-intensity electric arc that can instantly light candles, fireplaces and more!

We would like to thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page. It's been an exciting journey for us to get here. We believe the ArcLighter changes everything. And we hope you'll agree and enjoy our project just as much as we do.

The ArcLighter goes beyond lighting candles and here are a few more examples of the ArcLighter's versatility.

 project video thumbnail

It's time to stop hiding those disposable candle lighters in your kitchen drawer. Imagine displaying your new ArcLighter to match your home decor. It's meant to be seen and always within reach!


The ArcLighter is like no lighter you have ever seen. Unlike a regular lighter, there is no flame that can flare-up when positioned upside down. You can freely use the ArcLighter in any direction. Even completely vertically!

 project video thumbnail

Did you know that candle lighters contribute to the 1.5 billion lighters that end up in landfills each year? It's time for a change and switch to a rechargeable alternative. The ArcLighter requires no fuel with its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that is always charged on its dedicated USB powered dock.

With a press of a button, the ArcLighter instantly comes to life. The principles of how the ArcLighter works is literally lightning at your fingertips. 

From top to bottom, everything is so beautiful yet so functional. Combined with its flame-proof ceramic tips to its zinc alloy cover to the light weight heat resistant thermoplastic polymer body to its USB powered rechargeable dock, the ArcLighter is like nothing you've every seen.

The ArcLighter has several key safety features built right into the design of the lighter. 

  • One of the biggest advantages is there is no open flame that can reach excessive temperatures as it rises
  • Child-safety lock ensures accidental activation is avoided with 3 taps of the power button
  • Because it's flameless, the tip of the ArcLighter is always cool to the touch
  • The ArcLighter is fully electronic with no flammable fluid inside
  • Lighter self-extinguishes in 8 seconds for added safety
  • Lithium-ion battery is UN 38.3 certified

Unlike an open flame, the ArcLighter focuses its heat at its tip for precision lighting. No more burn marks left from the top of a flame. No more gas build-up where the flame flares up. The ArcLighter is focused. Precise. Every time.

We have 4 great reward packages to choose from perfect for your home or office or both! At launch, the ArcLighter is available in the original Silver Kickstarter color. Thanks to our backers, we have now reached new milestones adding 5 additional colors to the lineup!

1 pack reward

Our 1 pack reward comes with the ArcLighter, charging dock and a 36"/91cm USB cable (regular USB to micro USB) to plug into any powered USB port such as your computer or standard USB wall plug or outlet.

2 pack, 5 pack and 10 pack rewards with extra BONUSES

Our 2 pack, 5 pack and 10 pack rewards come with a bonus wall charger and extra long 72"/182cm USB cable (regular USB to micro USB) for added flexibility. Before we ship, we'll be sure to confirm which international wall charger you would prefer.

The more backers we have, we can reach higher brackets of minimum order quantity allowing us to introduce more colors. Please help us share, tweet or write a blog post to help spread the word! All your support is appreciated!

Available today! - Silver ArcLighter

$75K ACHIEVED! - Charcoal ArcLighter

$100K ACHIEVED! - Gold ArcLighter

$125K ACHIEVED! - 3 additional colors will be chosen by our backers - check our latest updates for the final vote!

We'll be sending you a survey at the end so that you can choose your favorite color(s)!

Like many ideas, it all started with scribbles on an iPad. One day we were struggling to use a stubborn disposable candle lighter that simply wouldn't work. After numerous clicks of the lighter not lighting, an idea simply 'clicked'. Why not take our know-how with our USB pocket lighters and create an electronic candle lighter? But instead of using our existing technology, we decided to take it one step further. Let's create a new method to light the delicate wicks of a candle to lighting the invisible gas of a BBQ with ease. After investing years into research and development to filing patents to creating one-of-kind hand-made prototypes, the ArcLighter was born. 

When we first started, we knew we would face tough competition from existing traditional products in a small niche market. But when we used our proto-types for the first time, we fell in love with the design and its elegant solution compared to what is out there. So we forged ahead.

Now that we're ready, we felt it was time we asked for help for the final stretch to bring the ArcLighter to market. And we asked ourselves where better to ask for help than the actual people that might love this project just as much as we do.

So that's why we're turning to you on Kickstarter. We'd like to ask your help in joining us to make the ArcLighter a reality!

The ArcLighter was born from a small yet passionate team located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. At Ignite Lighters, we're known for our innovative and award-winning line of flameless, electronic USB pocket lighters. Now, our goal is to take candle lighters to the next step with our patent pending ArcLighter Technology.

  • March 2015 - Launch Kickstarter campaign
  • May 2015 - Send surveys to all backers to confirm colors, chargers and mailing address
  • June 2015 - Our team will travel to Asia for manufacturing and final production specs
  • July 2015 - Complete molds 
  • August 2015 - Begin pilot production for quality control
  • September 2015 - Start full production
  • November 2015 - Ready to ship!

Risks and challenges

As with all projects, there are always some risk and challenges. However, with our experience in sourcing, manufacturing and design, we are confident that we have the resources in place to ensure a successful launch.

Some potential challenges we could face are:

1) With the increase of international freight security, there could be a slight delay of two to three weeks if our shipments are tagged for a customs exam or a major port unexpectedly goes on strike.

2) Our video and images used on this page are based on our one-of-a-kind handmade prototype. As we continue to make product improvements, the final design may change slightly and we'll keep you posted as we progress in the later stages of production.

3) Any unforeseen production delay outside of the scope of our design and technology. Although we do not foresee a challenge, we will keep all our backers informed every step of the way. We have spent over 2 years in developing the ArcLighter Technology and these next few months will be the icing on the cake. We can't wait to get started!

Regarding international shipping:

Please note, you may be responsible for customs, duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

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