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Earlier this year, with your help, we had the pleasure of bringing The Adjustable Bag to life. A revolutionary bag that could expand or contract instantly and had multiple configurations.

With your feedback, we've decided to create an addition to our family and and proudly present The Adjustable Backpack. Enjoy.

Say hello to The Adjustable Backpack! The first real multi-size backpack in the world as it can double in size.

The Adjustable Backpack is a small, medium and large backpack all in one. With the ability to transform into three completely different sizes, it's the only backpack you need.

The Adjustable Backpack can transition between:

Small: 31L  / 31x31x41cm / 12.2x12.2.x16.15"

Medium: 46.5L / 31x31x61.5cm / 12.2x12.2x24.2"

Large: 62L / 31x31x82cm / 12.2x12.2x32.3"



The Adjustable Backpack is extremely easy to use. It expands or contracts through a patent pending cinch design. There's no other bag in the world that can expand so much (double's in size) - so quickly.

The Adjustable Backpack expands instantly to fit more things or collapses to keep things snug.


With The Adjustable Backpack you'll never need another backpack ever again. It's size versatility allows it adjust to fit your different occasions.


It's perfect for every day use and commuting. It is simple, elegant, and modern. 



The Adjustable Backpack is also perfect for weekend trips, recreational adventures, and excursions. It's durable micro-ribbed 900D nylon will always keep your things safe and dry.



It's also perfect for longer travels, thanks to its 62L capacity when fully expanded.



When designing The Adjustable Backpack we took great care to design every detail of the bag so that it is simple yet extremely functional. The design looks minimal and sleek, works extremely well, and is made to last.








Hi. We are Piorama, a team of creative and passionate individuals born out of our previously successful Kickstarter project - The Adjustable Bag.

In a world that can often gen unnecessarily complicated, we admire products that help simplify our lives, and believe in the idea that less can often be more.




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