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Inspired by the Sea.
Inspired by the Sea.


  Wrap & stick anywhere.

 Car Mount. Kid mount.

 Selfie like a queen.

 Show 'em who's boss.

 Chill better.

 A bendy tripod reimagined.

 Take your best selfies yet.

 Design meets function.


Engineered to not fall.

These suction cups stick strong, easily, and for long periods of time. Credit goes to the material used and the geometry of the suction surface. For best performance, stick to clean and smooth surfaces.

Moisture helps create a membrane for air tight vacuum, so licking the suction cups before sticking greatly improve strength and longevity.

Travel Lite.




Manufacturing is done & ready to produce.

To make things better for backers, we finished developing all the manufacturing BEFORE the launch. That way backers can skip all the boring parts and get their Tenikle sooner.


Completed molds here in Southern California (San Diego County)
Completed molds here in Southern California (San Diego County)



In a modest one-car garage full of surfboards and art, just steps from the sand in Huntington Beach, California Tenikle was born. The inventor, a 25-year-old from Huntington Beach CA, wanted to make a rad, multi purpose product so we would have less junk and a little less trash in the ocean.

Tenikle is every mount/stand/tripod or selfie device you could possibly need in one and its made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic. 

We know you're tired of boring products, so we made Tenikle fun. It's a toy with a purpose.  

We work with the best plastics manufacturer in the country to produce our product and we are proud to say Tenikle is made in the USA right in San Diego, California.  

Tenikle is driven by ultimate creativity. We push to be different in every way possible. Join us on a fun and crazy ride as we invent to make this planet a little more rad.


Creator's Story


I'm Hans, the creator of Tenikle. I surf and love to make things.

My professional background is in apparel and graphic design, where I have been employed in the surf industry for brands like Hurley and Billabong since 2009.

However, I've always had a passion for engineering and industrial design. 

In 2013, I had an idea for a phone case mechanism that could attach all sorts of accessories, like battery power, lenses, clips, mounts, wallets etc. I called it Tenikle because of my love for the ocean. While trying to brand my case concept, I decided I wanted to make a product that resembled a tentacle.

Then one day I get pulled over by a cop for looking at my phone. He let me go without a ticket and told me to get a mount so I don't get pulled over again. In fear of getting a future ticket, I went to a major tech store to buy a car mount. As I was searching to pick out the perfect one, I became disappointed that they were all the same big, boring, black mount and only did one thing! That's when the idea hit me.

I set out to create a fun car mount that could be used in more ways than just as a car mount.

Being a lover of all things creative, I decided to do everything on my own. I learned 3D CAD software, designed the product, wrote a patent, 3D printed molds, tested different materials, learned mold-making, created almost 100 different prototypes in my tiny garage, built a website, found a US manufacturer, got a business loan to purchase the molds, and filmed/edited the videos with my best friend from high school, Erik (@cloudroamer).

During this whole process, I wrote a guide called the DIY Inventor Kit, so that others can create their inventions on their own as well. It's full of fun design and a thorough 9 steps to help you get to the place I am now (launching a Kickstarter). If you don't have an invention yet, it shows you how to come up with one by using my process. You'll get a digital copy if you help out and pledge $10 :)

This project was quite a bit of work but well worth it because this thing is awesome! I really hope you love and use it too :)

Thank you for your support!


                 @hansdose                                    @everybody.loves.lydia

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