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Teako teapot makes tea drinking at home convenient and simple. 

Teako makes drinking tea an experience again. Create 1 liter of delicious tea with the easy to lift and lock strainer which prevents your tea becoming bitter. A firm silicone bottom protects the stainless steel body while the wooden handle gives it a natural look and feel. All of this plus the drip-free spout allows your tea to be served without spillage. 
Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • liyang29
    why would it not be suitable for chinese tea leaves? just wondering.
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    Hey liyang29, I believe andychoi's worry is that perhaps the tea leaves (and powder) are smaller than what is shown in the video and might come out of the filter. Although, we wouldn't know until we give it a try. Do check back for reviews, or leave one if you've tried it (: Thanks for wondering! We're curious to find out too.
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  • andychoi
    Looks like it brews english or whole leaf teas, and not really for chinese teas (whole dried shrivelled leaves, or even loose powder leaves)... would have loved it if it's for chinese teas!
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    Hi Andy, we hear you. But, I think we found somethings that might be perfect for you and your love for chinese teas! Check out the Qi Aerista: or Project Hei: You might also be interested in a portable version Imbue: Hope that helps!
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    Definitely! Wow hope that Qi or Imbue gets hunted!
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    Hey Andy, we hope so too! Perhaps you could help us out by sharing about the with your fellow tea-loving friends so we could get the hunt to go live sooner. :D
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  • Anonymous
    Video Link :
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