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Each order comes with 1 small and 1 large Taskin Kompak :) 

See Why Everyone’s Flipping Over Our 2-Sided Packing Cube



The Packing Cube, Perfected

Whether you’re coming or going, you’re going to flip over the Taskin Kompak. 

On one side: An air-breathable compartment to keep clothes wrinkle-free. On the other: An odor- and water-resistant pouch to keep dirty laundry sealed up tight. And with dual-side compression, you can pack 40% more in the same amount of space. Which means you get double the awesome in one ultra-compression cube.

 Fit 40% More in the Same Space

Pack tight and save big on all those checked-luggage fees. Plus, you’ll make it to your destination without having to steam or iron wrinkled clothes for a change. (You can thank us later.)  

Dry & Clean on One Side, Wet & Dirty on the Other

Taskin is all about uncommon design. That’s why our packing cube features a special wet-side pouch with waterproof material and zippers, so you can keep your wet and dirties away from your clean and dries.

Go Large, Go Small—or Get Both

Use one, or mix and match different sizes. Our 10"X8"X4" Kompak is the first cube designed to fit a travel backpack or duffel bag, or for carrying smaller items such as toiletries. And order a 14.25”X10.1”X4 Kompak to optimize space in your full-size luggage.

Stack. Pack. It’s as Easy as That.  

Start packing like a pro. The Taskin Kompak is designed to easily stack in your duffle, backpack, carry-on or suitcase. They’re so convenient, you’ll never want to leave the house without them.

Premium Quality to Go, Go, Go        

High-quality ballistic & rip-stop nylon. Air breathable mesh. Rubberized, odor- and water-resistant fabrics. And an easy-pull, water-poof YKK zipper. Packing cubes just don’t get any better, or more durable, than this.

We are confident in our quality and will be offering a 1 year no questions asked warranty. If your Kompak or Kube breaks within a year we will replace it for free, your cost will be limited to the shipping fees.

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