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The SwitchCharge was born out of our love for the Nintendo Switch. We play it everywhere, at home, at work, on the train and heck even in the bath! It’s an incredible console with equally great games.

Yet there’s a constant worry when using a Switch on the go and trying to play the games we love. If you’re taking a long flight, have a sizeable commute or simply want to explore Breath of the Wild for more than a couple hours at a time, then battery life is a worry. There’s also no getting around it, the kickstand for the Switch sucks and we’re not only ones to have these problems…


Trusted Reviews: "you can’t play in ‘tabletop’ mode with the kickstand and charge at the same time. Bizarre."

TechRadar: "The Switch draws so much power that at best they (portable phone battery packs) prevented the battery from dropping during play, rather than actively recharging it."

Engadget: "As you'd expect, battery life is the Switch's biggest portable problem"

CNET: "Thing is, the Switch's kickstand isn't great. It's easy to tip. I've only been playing around with a Switch for a couple of days, and I've easily knocked it over a dozen times already."



Therefore using our experience with bringing technology products to market we decided to create our own case. This case was designed with feedback from hundreds of Nintendo fans and we believe it is the best accessory available for the Nintendo Switch.

Introducing the SwitchCharge:


The SwitchCharge is the world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch. It incorporates a high capacity 12,000mAh battery, an improved kickstand, 2 game card slots and also added protection for your Switch.

All of this is packed into a case which is not only thin and light but also, allows you to take the Nintendo Switch anywhere without the worry of running out of battery.



Play and Charge

The SwitchCharge is the first battery accessory designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch. It allows you to charge and play on the go with no wires or bulky battery packs required.


The 12,000mAh battery gives you up to 12 hours of additional battery life (when playing more intensive games) so you can play on the go without the need for bringing extra wires and a large, bulky battery pack (many of which don’t even work!). 

With our technology, the SwitchCharge’s battery has been specifically designed to push out a high output allowing you to play and charge the Switch at the same time. 

Beta testing additional battery life results for certain games at 30% brightness:

- Zelda Breath of the wild: 10hrs 40mins

- 1/2 Switch: 12hrs 55mins

- Fast RMX: 13hrs 20mins

- Snipperclips: 13hrs 30mins

- Shovel Knight: 14hrs 15mins




Improved Kickstand

The SwitchCharge has an improved kickstand which offers greater stability and can be deployed at multiple angles to change the way you play. In fact, because we’ve moved the charging port to the right-hand side of the case, the SwitchCharge is one of the only ways to charge while playing in tabletop mode.




2 Game Card Slots

No need for extra carrying cases, the SwitchCharge not only protects the Nintendo Switch but also has slots for 2 extra game cards to bring along with you on the go.



Quick Lock/Unlock

With its two-part design, you can quickly lock and unlock the Switch into the case by simply pulling the top section up and sliding the switch out of its dock. To re-attach place the Switch into the USB C bottom dock, then click the top section down to firmly lock in place.


LED Battery Indicator

A LED battery indicator on the side of the SwitchCharge lets you easily know how much charge you have remaining. When it flashes RED you know it's nearly run out.


Slim Design

The SwitchCharge is built with durable ABS plastic, which is able to withstand most drops and scratches. We have kept a thin form factor and allowed easy access to all the required ports.

It's perfect to take with you on the go and easily fits in most pockets.


Heat regulation

The SwitchCharge has also been built to combat the problems of overheating and potential warping of the device. We have included a small gap between the Switch and the SwitchCharge to allow for airflow to cool down both devices. The dock system makes sure the Switch remains in place securely.


The SwitchCharge is perfect to play in the following ways:


1. On the go in handheld mode


2. Charge while playing on table top mode


Width: 158mm

Height: 118mm

Depth: 26mm

Weight: 390g

Game Card Slots: 2

Internal Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity: 12,000mAh

Power output: 5V/2.4A

Ports: USB-C

Battery Life: Up to 12 hours additional battery in real world usage.

Charging Time: Approx 3 hours.



What's in the box?

On top of this, the SwitchCharge works perfectly with the included Nintendo power supply for easy quickcharging!



To lock the Switch in place take the following steps:

  1. Unclick and slide the top section upwards 2/3cm. It will remain attached to the case
  2. Slide the Switch into the case making sure it locks into the USB C plug in the base
  3. Slide the top section downwards until you hear a click

Easy access to all ports on the top of the Switch due to the large cut-outs.

The secure the game cards into place simply slide the game card into a free slot until it reaches the bottom. To remove use your finger to push the exposed back of the card upwards to free the game card.



What is the SwitchCharge?

The SwitchCharge is the world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch. It incorporates a high capacity 12,000mAh battery, an improved kickstand, 2 game card slots and also added protection for your Switch.

Who created it?

We are a team of Nintendo Switch fans who have years of experience in bringing technology products to market. We are based in London and are creating this product not just for us but for the Nintendo community also.

Why should we use it?

It's for people who love the Switch as much as us and want to make sure they can play their favourite games wherever they go. The SwitchCharge improves not only the battery life but the kickstand also, allowing you to play on table top mode on any surface.

How long does the battery last?

Our Lithium Ion battery has been designed to match the high power requirements of the Nintendo Switch. Through our initial testing, we have found for the most intensive games like Zelda we have got nearly 11 hours of battery life, and for less intensive games closer to 16 hours.

What other additional features are available?

On top of the great added battery life, the SwitchCharge also offers an improved Kickstand, 2 game card slots and added protection for your Switch. It is the ultimate accessory!   

Have you got licensing for the SwitchCharge from Nintendo?

We are looking to get Official Licensing for the SwitchCharge, once we receive full backing we can progress these talks further. Our aim is to receive full licensing before delivery! 

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