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  • Dropped it in the middle of the road? No worry, Sticky Sounds are shockproof!
  • Stick them everywhere with the mounts! Never miss a beat again.

Grouphunt deal features ONE Sticky Sounds Speaker in your desire color

WE need 8 orders for this hunt to proceed so grab your friends and be the coolest kid of the block!





Dimensions: Max Width 140 mm, Max Height 40mm  

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.2, Range 50', Automatic device search

Sound: 4 Ohm Speaker, 80db spl@1M (Groundplane 300hz)  

Power: 3.3 Wh battery 900 Mah Battery, Micro USB charging port

Features: Micro SD card slot, On speaker Volume control, Skip/Skipback, Play/Pause  

Other: Dual Adaptive Integrated GoPro Mounting System, IPX6 WaterResistant, Floats, Rugged, Shockproof      


These speakers are built to withstand anything.  The Low profile design and pyramid shape helps it keep its structure under loads of stress. The outer shell is made of a Poly-carbonate ABS blend which allows for a rigid form with some flexibility, helping our speaker to be shatter resistant.

Attach it to the outside of your backpack without a worry.  

Take Sticky Sounds anywhere, anytime                                                                                                         

Water Resistant.  

We wanted Sticky Sounds to withstand the elements. Rubber clamped seals allow Sticky Sounds to be IPX6 water resistant. You wont have to worry about rapids while kayaking, sudden downpours, or even dancing too hard in the shower.  Sticky Sounds also has an emergency float system to keep it on top of the water when accidents happen.                             

Take kayaking to the next level. 


  To Make Sticky Sounds as portable and convenient as possible we gave it a 3.33 Wh battery that gives it 8 hours of play time while still keeping it lightweight and low profile. Sticky Sounds has a Micro USB charging port on the bottom side, with lights on the power button to let you know when it is fully charged.  A Micro USB charging cable is also provided with each speaker.                                         


  Sticky Sounds' integrated mounting system lets you mount to anything using GoPro mounts.  The slide and lock apparatus lets you secure your speaker using GoPro buckle and adhesive mounts.  While The prong adapter apparatus lets you connect to any GoPro adapter for securing to handlebars, ski poles, or anything else you can think of.


Sound. At the heart of any portable speaker is sound quality. Sticky Sounds uses a 4 ohm speaker with a hollow point reverberating cavity to amplify the sound. The unidirectional sound ensures you that will always hear your tunes while your riding, hiking, or whatever you do.

The perfect speaker for you shower.  

 Leave your headphones behind next winter

Ride safely through the streets and the mountains by mounting Sticky Sounds to your handle bars. 

Simple Proof of Concept

This video was recorded using a smart phone in order to show a short sample of Sticky Sounds playing at only 60% max volume. There is no way to demonstrate Sticky Sounds audio quality here, but we can show that it works.                                  

Step 1. Connect to any phone via Bluetooth or use Mini SD Cards. (SD Card not included) 

 Step 2. Attach Sticky Sounds to GoPro adhesives. (Adhesives included)

Peel and place your Adhesive mounts onto any flat surface then slide and stick your speaker to the mount and you're ready to be cool.

 Or attach to a GoPro adapter. (Does not work with Hero 5 Adapters)

Place your Handle Bar mount or Pole mount and firmly attach the speaker using GoPro adapters.  

Step 3. Get out and shred!



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