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StarBrick Be4 earphones are limited to a production run of 3000 pieces.  Each earphone comes with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity card.

The Starbrick Be4 Earphones were created to enhance the quality of audio earphones. Bringing you music that sounds natural as if it was being played live right in front of you, from the instruments themselves. The mission of Starbrick Be4 is to deliver high fidelity audio by harnessing the technology of Beryllium. What is Beryllium? "Beryllium",it's Number 4 metal element on Periodic table. Atomic weight is 9.012182.Also it is the lightest metal element in Alkaline earth metal elements.  Since Be4 is the periodic element for Beryllium, we thought it was the perfect name for the Starbrick Be4 Earphones. Known as the fourth lightest metal element, and four times stronger than steel, Beryllium allows for a more coherent, powerful sound. Unlike other metals commonly used in earphones, Beryllium diaphragm speakers continue to provide warm and full sound up to 16 KHz. So, with the Starbrick Be4 Earphones, you can listen to music in it’s authentic form, straight from the studio.

One of the problems with earphones on the market is that construction of the earbuds if using cheap materials. When your manufactures that use plastic parts and cheap diaphragms and generic drivers, delivering you muddy sounds and distortion at its highest volume.

We all want to experience clear, high-volume sound without distortion. Knowing that feeling of being front-row at a concert, completely surrounded by crisp hi-fi sound. With Starbrick Be4, there are no software effects that enhance the audio. Just the pure quality of the music, as it was mastered in the recording studio, unlocked by the Beryllium earphones.

The Highs

When you listen to high hat with the Starbrick Be4’s, you don’t get the harsh sounds that can be piercing with a metallic tizzy. The guitar volume swells. It’s smooth and fast at the same time. The sounds of the cymbals are aggressive. The music comes alive and rings with clarity.   

The Mid Range

With midrange, you want to hear the silky soft sounds. The Starbrick Be4 lets you hear the definition of each instrument used in a song, feeling the physical impression of the instruments’ true sound. You’re able to hear and identify the sweet, velvety voices and distinguish the smooth piano keys from all of your favorite artists. 

The Bass

Bass performance is the most misunderstood aspect of reproduced sound. The popular belief is that the more bass, the better. This is reflected in ads for "subwoofers" that promise things like "earthshaking bass." What matters to the true music lover isn't quantity of bass, but the quality. The Be4 Earphones bring you the highest quality and best reproduction bass through our dynamic driver. You will hear the deep balanced bass.

Why do so many people in the world buy headphones and earphones? The majority of users are listening to enjoy music. There are no economic factors as to why people use headphones or earphones. Surveys tell us that music makes us happy, more productive, and better focused. So are we satisfied with sub par sounds from low-quality, high-priced audio equipment? Let’s stand together, and demand more from the world we experience through our audio products. The Starbrick Be4 Earphones, making high-fidelity, Beryllium audio the new standard for every music lover.      




 *3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

 *Inline button for calls(picking and hanging up), play and pause music







StarBrick, Inc. warrants to the original retail purchaser that this product is to be free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, if it is properly used and maintained. Please see for complete warranty information.

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