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Are you a music fan who is equally interested in craft and design? Interested in vinyl but never owned a turntable? Worried that setting up a sound system is expensive and complicated? 

Spinbox provides everything you need to build your own all-in-one record player! In half an hour, you’ll have a stylish, portable turntable.


Forget spending lots of money on different speakers, amplifiers and cables. Spinbox includes the core turntable module, sounding and power circuit, amplifier and speakers. All you have to do is build, plug and play.

▲ We even included the screw driver ;)

▲ How Spinbox sounds.


Our manual will reveal the mysteries of turntable functionality. Once you’ve built your Spinbox, you can celebrate your DIY know-how by pumping out the jams.

After testing over 10 different versions of the DIY process, we proudly present an easy and fun building experience.

▲ The box that contains your DIY kit transforms into the body of your Spinbox.

Spinbox has the area of an A4 paper and is easy to bring along for record digging.

▲Tough outer box protects Spinbox from damage while traveling. 

It’s lightweight enough to carry in a backpack, so you can listen on the go and at parties! 

The high quality, water-repellent, and versatile exterior is made with the same paper material used in packaging for Apple products.

▲ Water repellent top cover.

The box is strong enough to carry the core module and sturdy enough for DJs to use Spinbox to scratch.

Spinbox has caught the eye of DMC World Champions, Red Bull Thre3style winners, and portablist pioneers.

We’ve provided new possibilities for turntablists to innovate and customize, and the option to perform anywhere!

 ▲ Choose a Spinbox that fits your style. 

The exterior of Spinbox is customizable using high quality printing. 

Currently, we provide Black, Cardboard and Marble exteriors, with plans to add more Spinbox designs in the future. Choose your favorite look at the end of the campaign.

Hi, I’m Stephen, also known as DJ QuestionMark. I’m a professional DJ / scratch turntablist who’s collected vinyl records for over ten years. 

I’ve self-released two albums on vinyl in the past two years. Most of my friends were supportive and bought my albums, but I realized many just used them as decoration in their homes. 

 When I asked why they weren’t actually listening to my vinyl releases, they said:

 “Sorry man, I wanted to, but turntables and audiophile systems are too expensive.” 

“Setting up a record player with cables, amplifiers and speakers seems too complicated. I don’t want to deal with all of that.” 

My friends were interested in vinyl, but felt that record players were inconvenient, pricey, or difficult to set up. So I decided to create a more approachable way to experience vinyl - a turntable that’s fun, affordable and easy for everyone to use. 

In 2015, I founded Spinbox with my talented friends. It took over a year of development, with over ten generations of prototypes and countless adjustments to the DIY designs, improvements in sound quality, and circuit boards. 

In 2016, we launched our first crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan. We successfully manufactured and shipped over 4,000 Spinbox to Taiwanese backers in three months. 

From this experience, we set our standards of manufacturing and quality control. We’ve improved the circuit board and several designs to make Spinbox even better for the global market. 




  • Packing box volume: 327mm x 270mm x 95mm 
  • Weight: 1200g apx.
  • RPM: 33, 45, 78 RPM 
  • Line in/Line out signal level: Line 
  • Cartridge: ceramic



Since 2015, we’ve worked non-stop on prototyping, structure designing, DIY designing, circuit designing & testing, crowd funding, mass producing and shipping. 

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us so far. We wouldn’t be here without your precious feedback and suggestions.

Shout out to everyone in the press who has spread the word about Spinbox, including FACT, NME, Discogs, Uncrate, Stuff and DJMag. 

Our dream is to bring even more people into the vinyl community. If you love music like we do, join us and get a Spinbox! 


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