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Grouphunt deal features ONE SousVide Supreme Touch+ in 110V OR 220V

From the company that revolutionized cooking with the first at-home sous vide, the original SousVide Supreme, comes the next chapter in sous vide cooking.

With your help our new SousVide Supreme Touch+ will revolutionize sous vide cooking once again.

We’re the company who brought sous vide cooking to home kitchens around the world. We want to make some amazing upgrades to our SousVide Supreme that will elevate the sous vide cooking experience to a whole new level.

The new SousVide Supreme Touch+ will have a similar look and feel to the iconic original SousVide Supreme, but with some innovative upgrades that will make it not only the most convenient sous vide machine to use, but the most advanced at-home sous vide machine there is. The Touch+ will include ingenious features such as:

  • Responsive Touch Technology – The new Touch+ has a control screen that you can navigate even with wet fingers. When your hands get wet from cooking—as they most surely will do—no problem! The new Touch+ will still respond perfectly. You can easily change the temperature, set the timer, or power it on or off.
  • A Clear View Lid - SousVide Supreme users have never had to struggle with using ping-pong balls or aluminum foil tents or other extreme measures to keep in the heat. Our patented lid handled that beautifully. But now, that lid is fashioned of a single piece of molded clear plastic to let you see what’s going on, without lifting the lid and wasting valuable heat. All you have to do is look inside.
  • Energy Efficiency - The Touch+ retains the energy efficient, cool-touch double-wall insulation of the original, so the water stays hot, but the machine stays cool to the touch. Once at temperature, the Touch+ uses only about the energy of a 20W light bulb. Safer for kids; better for the environment.
  • Integrated Wifi - You can control your Touch+ from anywhere with the newly integrated wifi. You can start and set your machine right from your phone and have the water bath at temperature and ready to go by the time you get home!
  • A new state-of-the-art app - Connect with people who love cooking as much as you do. You can program your new Touch+ with recipes you find on social media, and then upload pictures of your finished dish to your favorite social platforms to show everyone how it all turned out!
  • Alexa compatibility - Unlike circulator sticks, the counter-worthy SousVide Supreme Touch+ is always ready to go! It’s there, sitting pretty on your countertop, right at home next to your espresso machine and with water already in it. All you have to do is tell Alexa to turn it on! You don’t even have to push a button.
Water Resistant Touch Screen
Water Resistant Touch Screen


See-through Lid
See-through Lid


Programmable Recipes
Programmable Recipes


Alexa Enabled
Alexa Enabled


Sous vide? We’re glad you asked. The words literally mean “under vacuum” in French and they describe a cooking technique, first developed in France  in the 1970’s by Chef Georges Paulus; it relies on precise temperature control rather than great skill and perfect timing to achieve chef-worthy results. Food is vacuum-sealed and immersed in a precisely heated water bath to cook gently and perfectly. When you cook sous vide, your food develops deep flavors and textures that no other cooking method can duplicate.

While the term sous vide means “under vacuum”, you might just as well define it as “stunningly simple” especially when you use the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+. The sous vide cooking process boils down to three steps:

1. Season - Season foods with your favorite herbs or spices.

 2. Seal - Vacuum seal food in a food-grade cooking pouch.

3. Sous Vide - Drop the sealed packages into the SousVide Supreme. No need for office clips, extra pots, Styrofoam coolers or ping-pong balls. The water oven does most of the work. Just set it and walk away!


We are the original innovators, who brought sous vide cooking to home kitchens around the world and our patented technology is unique. SousVide Supreme's award-winning technology and product design features a PID-controlled edge-to-edge heating element that blankets the bottom of the water oven. A perforated convection plate generates thermal currents for even temperature distribution. Our patented lid contains heat for energy efficiency, contains steam to prevent evaporation, and even serves as a tray for transporting pouches from the water oven to the stove or grill. It’s also a sleek and beautiful and counter-worthy machine.

The natural thermal circulation created by the design works with the basic physical properties of water to evenly heat the water to the target temperature throughout the bath, from top to bottom and corner to corner, without the need for a circulating propeller or pump. The precise temperature control gently brings the food to its ideal doneness and cooks it perfectly from edge to edge. Once brought to temperature, the efficient heat transfer capacity in our enclosed, self-contained system uses only about the energy of a 20 watt light bulb to precisely maintain the target temperature for hours or even days.


And now with integrated wifi and Alexa capabilities powered by our new app, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ will be the most technologically advanced sous vide water oven on the market. 

It's time to ditch your "science project" and step up to a state-of-the-art, serious sous vide appliance. Unlike circulator sticks, there is no remembering to put a hot pad down so your pot doesn't burn your counter, connecting a circulator to a pot, using an office clip to fasten a flimsy plastic bag to the side, and then creating a lid out of ping pong balls or foil to keep the heat in. No need to set the alarm to remember to add water lest the pot boil dry.

The revolutionary SousVide Supreme Touch+ is an all-in-one cooking appliance that will make it easier for cooks—from beginners to top chefs—to consistently prepare gourmet quality food at home and have more time do the other things they really love.

Learn more about the differences between an all-in-one SousVide Supreme and an immersion circulator:


Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking

It goes without saying that the sous vide cooking technique will make you the envy of your friends, but the benefits go far deeper than mere peer adulation and they all come down to three things: better nutrition, free time, and more money. Here’s what’s in it for you!

  • Perfectly cooked food every time. No more undercooked or overcooked food. The precise temperature control gently brings food to its ideal serving temperature and holds it there, so it stays perfectly cooked and ready to serve when you are ready to eat. Even if you get distracted. Even if you’re held up in traffic. Even if your guests are an hour late!
  • Simple to do. Everything you need is in the box. No assembly required. Just add water and get cooking! Dial in edge-to-edge perfection at the push of a button and cook gourmet quality meals in three simple steps: Season – Seal - Sous vide.
  • Healthful, more nutritious meals. The sous vide pouch locks in the flavor and lets the food cook in its natural juices, retaining all the water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Important nutrients aren’t boiled off or steamed away like in conventional cooking. And vacuum sealing also protects the delicate, healthful essential fats from damaging oxidation. What you cook not only tastes better, it actually is better.
  • Consistent, reproducible results. Effortlessly cook food just the way you like it every time – perfectly cooked steak, juicy chicken, tender-crisp vegetables bursting with flavor. Once you discover your preferences, just dial them in again and again for the same results. It’s the secret of the world’s top chefs that lets them make fabulous dishes, consistently delicious, night after night, for diner after diner and now it can be yours, too.
  • Save money! Sous vide cooking lets you turn inexpensive, but flavorful, cuts of meat into gourmet delights as tender as filet mignon. You’ll never ruin a good steak again. You can make your own infused spirits and syrups for retro cocktails instead of buying expensive ones off the shelf. The savings go on and on!

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Cook with a Sous Vide Supreme

1. Ricotta Cheese/Yogurt - The precisely-controlled water temperature makes cheese and yogurt-making effortless. Because the bath is unstirred, you can make them right in the water oven basin without a pouch.

2. Condiments - Use your imagination to develop your own condiments! Grainy mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot dill pickles, pickled summer veggies, and more. 

3. Cheesecake - An unstirred sous vide bath is already the perfect bain marie for cooking traditional oven recipes requiring a water cushion and constant temperatures, like cheesecake, crème brûlée, or flan! Using a SousVide Supreme eliminates the challenge (and danger) of sloshing hot water onto the floor when filling or removing a pan from a traditional oven.

4. The perfect egg - Just set the temperature and put eggs in their shells directly into the water bath to cook and BAM—perfect poached eggs! And best of all, they’ll hold just as perfectly cooked for hours!

5. Soup stock - Use an unstirred water bath to make luscious bone broth or stock right in the water bath basin—no pouch required—to use for homemade soup or just to drink for good health!

6. Custards and ice cream base - No need for constant stirring to keep from scorching your custard on a stovetop. With sous vide you’ll be able to make perfect custard for homemade ice cream, crème brûlée, or flan, just like a pro.

7. Overnight oatmeal - Drop a pouch of oatmeal into the water oven at bedtime and it will be ready when you wake up. Say goodbye to that ‘no time for breakfast I’m just grabbing coffee’ excuse as you’re running out the door for work in the morning!

8. Epic Bloody Mary - Use the sous vide technique to create the perfect pickled vegetables—asparagus, okra, or green beans – for an epic Bloody Mary! You can even infuse the horseradish right into vodka in a matter of hours in a water oven.

9. Gourmet vinegar - Precise cooking temperatures help to quickly transfer flavor from herbs, spices, and berries without holding your kitchen hostage with that vinegar smell!

10. Infused alcohols and syrups - Traditionally made limoncello takes weeks or months to make. With sous vide, that timeline drops to hours or in some cases even minutes! The gentle heat speeds up the process of transferring natural flavors to the alcohol, helping you create old school cocktails on short notice for an impromptu dinner party!


It all started with a pork chop. We (The Drs. Eades, pere and mere) had arrived late to a medical meeting in Las Vegas and were extraordinarily tired and hungry. We ordered a double-cut pork chop off the room service menu (in truth, with some slight reservations, because you’d expect a room service chop to be dried out and overcooked.) But when we took a bite, it was like no pork chop we had ever eaten: juicy and perfectly cooked from edge to edge with a golden crust on the surface. Simply divine! We were so surprised, we asked at the dining room how it was cooked and they told us ‘sous vide’. We vowed to find a machine that would replicate that chop.

We know food and cooking. We’ve owned a restaurant, written and hosted a 26-episode PBS television cooking show, authored a NY Times best-selling diet book, as well as being nutritional experts and physicians by trade. But it was through our quest to recreate that perfect pork chop that we discovered our passion for sous vide cooking. 

Our first stab at cooking sous vide at home involved a DIY makeshift contraption that consisted of a large stock pot, balanced over the gas burner atop a simmering ring from an old wok, with a candy thermometer hooked to the side. The two of us kept watching minute-by-minute, adding ice cubes or hot water as needed throughout the hour-long cooking process to keep the temperature steady. Suffice it to say it wasn’t the most convenient method, but it worked and the steak we cooked was delicious! 

We were convinced we had to have more of this sous vide cooked food, but neither of us willing to stand over the pot with ice cubes for an hour, so we scoured the internet trying to find a home sous vide machine. To our dismay, we found that the only sous vide cooking machines on the market were made for industrial labs or commercial kitchens, and the least expensive device was around $1,500 to $2,000. At the time, there was no device for the home cook, so we set about to make one. We assembled a team of designers, manufacturers, and culinary professionals and launched our dream to develop the first home sous vide machine, our original SousVide Supreme water oven, and to fulfill our mission to bring sous vide cooking to our home and to the masses.

Our SousVide Supreme has received international acclaim - check out what others have said:


Our customers love their original SousVide Supreme. We're excited to see how much they’ll love the SousVide Supreme Touch+! 

Professional chef's like Top Chef All-Star Richard Blais love the SousVide Supreme too:

Product Specifications:

Estimated Availability: March 2018

Finish: Stainless steel exterior and interior


  • Double-wall insulation with cool-touch exterior means it is safe in your kitchen. 
  • The Touch+ will be ETL certified for household use. 
  • The SousVide Supreme Touch+ will cook approximately 20 four-ounce portions. 
  • Precise temperature control results in perfectly cooked food, every time. 
  • High-efficiency "Edge to Edge" heating system 
  • Cooks everything from meat, seafood, poultry and eggs to desserts, yogurt, and even infused syrups and liquors. 
  • Patented design with double wall insulation retains heat, making it highly energy efficient. 
  • Because food is vacuum-sealed in food safe pouches, juices and nutrients are preserved during the cooking process.
  •  Easy to use—just set it and walk away. Low and slow, extended cooking times ensure food won’t ever be over- or under-cooked. 
  • Even temperatures are maintained throughout the water bath without the need for a circulator motor. Totally silent operation and no moving parts. And a tight fitting lid contain s steam and prevents water loss.

Estimated Weight 12.8 lbs / 5.6 kg

Estimated Dimensions: 14.2 x 11.4 x 11.9 inches / 36 x 29 x 30.2 cm


  • PID controller ensures temperatures are maintained within 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.5 degrees Celsius). Heat sensors located in the basin walls

Display and Controls:

  • Convective touch user interface with touch recognition technology
  • LCD digital display

Materials: Silver brushed stainless steel casing with a clear plastic lid


  • Clean, clear water can be left in the machine for future uses. If water has developed a film of oil on the surface, or is cloudy or has an odor, do not leave it sitting in the machine after use.
  • Allow water to cool before emptying. Remove racks, and using the offset handles for stability, pour the water into the sink. Dry the interior with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Never immerse the appliance in water or other liquid for cleaning or rinsing. Never use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean it. Never put the appliance in the dishwasher.

In the Box:

11-liter all-in-one sous vide appliance in either 110-120v or 220-240v AC, plus: 

  • Detachable power cord 
  • Thermal convection plate 
  • Lifting rack Universal pouch rack 
  • User's guide 
  • Concierge Customer Service invitation and warranty card
Additionally, in the Complete Packages 
  • VS 3000 Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer 
  • Sous Vide: The Cookbook - over 100 delicious sous vide recipes 
  • Box (25) small cooking pouches 
  • Box (25) large cooking pouches 
  • Box (2) cut-to-size cooking pouch rolls
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