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Grouphunt deal features TWO Zip on sheets and ONE Zip on base



The World’s Fastest Bed Sheet Changing Hack 

With zippers sewed on the sides of the bed sheets, Soulria is designed and engineered to help you change your bed sheets within 30 seconds and you don't have to lift your heavy mattress again. It is composed of a zip-on top and a zip-on base that wraps around your mattress.

Soulria 2-piece Bed Sheet
Soulria 2-piece Bed Sheet

2 Zip-on Tops and 1 Zip-on Base

Soulria is a 2-piece bed sheet and every standard set comes in 2 tops and 1 base. We want to ensure that you always have a spare clean bed sheet without the wait of laundry. Whenever you want a fresh linen, just zip-off the top, replace with a spare one and there you go.

The design also features one long zipper that can be zipped and unzipped in one attempt.


35% of us said that they change their bed sheet once a fortnight; one in ten confessed they don't even bother to change them in months.

However, studies show it is the best to change our bed sheets at least once a week



Dirty bed sheets are the best breeding ground for microorganisms, staph bacteria, and dust mites. They can be the cause of skin diseases and respiratory issues. 





Snuggling into freshly laundered bed linen is one of life’s little pleasures.

With our 30s sheet changing hack, you simply don’t have any reasons for not changing your sheets every 7 days. It is very important to keep your sheet clean at all times as they come in direct contact with your skin.


Along with the long-staple fibers and sateen weave, Soulria turns your bed into the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in.





Regular Bed Sheet

An average double bed mattress weighs 30 kg. Speaking of its massive size, who wants to spend more than 10 minutes every week to change a new sheet?

Soulria Zip-on Sheet

With Soulria zip-on bed sheets, you only need 30 seconds to refresh your sleeping zone.



There is no need to worry if the size of your mattress is slightly different from the chart above. Our bed sheets are designed with elastic corners and edges. It allows a good fit on all various sizes and thickness.

*Our Standard Sheet can fit a mattress of up to 6" in depth; our Deep Pocket Sheet can fit a mattress of depth from 6" to 12". You will get to choose your size after the campaign ends.

We recommend changing your zip-on top at least once a week and change your zip-on base once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Separate your bedding from the rest of your laundry, and turn your washing machine to a low setting. Washing in hot water will shrink the material fibers, which can weaken the beddings.

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