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What is Sonic Soak?

Sonic Soak is a device that aims to revolutionize cleanliness and hygiene in our daily lives by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. Sonic Soak's modulated ultrasonic waves travel through water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level.

Sonic Soak Changes Everything

Using ultrasonic technology to clean at the microscopic level, Sonic Soak revolutionizes washing technology and allows you to clean like never before. 

Clean Freaks, Rejoice

The Sonic Soak is the answer to achieving a truly clean wash by attacking bacteria at the source. Clean what the washing machine can’t with ultrasonic technology and see results that would shock even the neatest of freaks.

Talk About Sonic Soak

Manufacturing Ready

Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, we've already spent months developing a manufacturing-ready model and only need funding for the initial batch order. Purchase yours today and you won’t need to wait long to get the Sonic Soak in your hands, laundry, and basically anything else that could use a good ultrasonic cleaning.

We are already manufacturing-ready - get yours today. Delivery Guaranteed.



How Sonic Soak Works

Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through the water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level. So you can “wave” goodbye to dirt and bacteria and say hello to a genuinely clean load of laundry.

The device sends out ultrasound to generate microscopic cavitation bubbles.

Cavitation bubbles implode and this pressure washes out dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria.

VIDEO: Learn More About the Power of Sonic Soak's Ultrasonic Technology


Sonic Soak is convenient, compact, and easy to use (4 easy steps)

How Quiet is Sonic Soak?

What Can Sonic Soak Clean?

Sonic Soak is the only device that can clean virtually anything that will fit into a container of water (no ultrasonic floor cleaner yet - but hopefully soon!). But more importantly, Sonic Soak cleans everything better than anything else in your house.

Think you don't need it?  Think again.

Your laundry is gross

Many studies have shown that standard washing machines do not kill enough germs and bacteria, turning your laundry into a living, breathing bacterial soup. Over time, this bacterial soup gets into your "freshly washed" clothes, dish towels, and face towels - into you and your family's body and food.

Sonic Soak eradicates bacteria and contaminants at the microscopic level using ultrasonic technology

That's just your laundry. What about your food?

Studies show that handwashing fruits and vegetables only removes about 75-80% of dirt, chemicals, and pesticides. 

Pesticides and chemical residue can be toxic to the brain and can increase the risk of getting cancer and other illnesses

A recent study showed that that 95% of adolescents ages 8-15 had indications of pesticide exposure, when experts say that even low levels of exposure are associated with serious health risk.


Sonic Soak can destroy foreign contaminants and pesticides residues present in all conventionally and organically grown vegetables and fruits at the cellular level


Not only that, Sonic Soak cleans fruits you never could before. Don't have the time to individually clean each grape? Can't reach every strawberry pore? Just throw them in with Sonic Soak!

Speaking of food - what about what you make your food with?

No need to worry about disassembling or breaking out your wire or toothbrush cleaners with ultrasonic cleaning technology. With Sonic Soak, clean all the hard-to-reach, and surprisingly dirty, spots on your kitchen tools!

How hygienic are your personal care tools? 

With Sonic Soak, you'll finally be able to clean all your personal hygiene tools - with just the press of a button

When was the last time you cleaned your razor, toothbrush, or powder brush? Because of their direct contact with the human body and lack of maintenance, medical experts say that personal hygiene tools are the single most significant vector of infection and disease in the household.

What about your everyday carry?


Sonic Soak brings a way to clean your keys, jewelry, glasses, watches - virtually all your everyday carry, without having to buy an expensive and bulky ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic technology has long had industrial applications in cleaning jewelry and other metals - for good reason. Your everyday carry gets dirtier and dirtier every day, accumulating bacteria, exposing your skin and anything else you touch with contaminants - clean them for the first time with Sonic Soak.

What about for the ones most vulnerable to contaminants?

Sonic Soak provides the best solution to clean your child's bottles and toys, some of the dirtiest things in your household that no one thinks of

No more pulling out your cleaning toothbrush or sponge and trying to get at every nook and cranny - just drop in baby nipples, bottles, and toys in with a Sonic Soak and let it do all the work!

Don't believe us? ​Check out ABC's investigative report on this issue:

Watch at your own risk!


Why Sonic Soak?

Deeper cleaning than ever before

The gentle cleaning from Sonic Soak is perfect for delicates, hand wash only items, and hard-to-clean items that can’t stand the ferocity of the washing machine. Sonic Soak thoroughly cleanses items without causing excess wear and tear that traditional washing machines create through their tumbling mechanism, and is even gentler than traditional hand washing.

Ultrasonic technology cleans things better than anything else in your household

Travel easier

When traveling, imagine having an unlimited supply of clothing, but just carrying a single bag. This is only made possible by Sonic Soak. Go ahead, soil your best hand-wash only shirt on the first day of your trip. Sonic Soak will come to the rescue. No need to call laundry service - let Sonic Soak do the rest, and you’ll have a brand new shirt in minutes.

Weighing less than 4 ounces and 5 inches, just throw it in your bag and go!

All-in-one cleaner

Does your washing machine clean apples? We didn’t think so. Sonic Soak operates as much more than just a laundry washing alternative. It also expertly cleans fruits, vegetables, accessories like glasses and jewelry, and also works great to wash those pesky, hard-to-clean items like baby bottles, carafes, razors, and the like. Sonic Soak cleans all these and more:

Microscopically clean things you never could before

Convenience and Conservation

Cleaning with Sonic Soak is not only better for you, it’s also better for the environment.

Our Story

How far we've come

For months we’ve worked tirelessly with our manufacturers to ensure that Sonic Soak is fully functional and production ready. And we’ve done it.

We are ready to begin mass production as soon as we reach our initial fundraising goal

What we're made of

Sonic Soak was established with the goal of becoming a global innovator through the utilization of ultrasonic technology. Our team of engineers, designers, and innovators are focused on creating a new standard that meets the unique laundry challenges of the 21st century. With the right experience and R&D already done, Sonic Soak guarantees innovative, high quality products for their customers.

Sonic Soak’s vision is to redesign the future of how we incorporate powerful and advanced technologies into our day to day lives.

Meet Our Leadership Team

A big thank you to all other members of the Sonic Soak team that made this project possible. None of this would be possible without the countless hours put in by members from the engineering, manufacturing, design, marketing, strategy, and administrative teams. 


Does it really work?

Yes, it really does. Ultrasonic technology has been used for years in medical and industrial applications and has proven to provide unparalleled cleaning results. We’ve harnessed this technology and compacted it into this sleek package using an antibacterial stainless steel exterior to ensure that the Sonic Soak does what it promises. Not to mention, in addition to lab testing, we’ve meticulously tested the Sonic Soak on our own clothes, accessories and even ourselves. 

What is this ultrasonic technology you speak of?

Ultrasonic technology comes as a result of ultrasound, an oscillating sound pressure wave that operates at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing. In water, these powerful waves produce a process called cavitation which creates bubbles that do the cleaning. This technology has been used for years in medical and industrial applications as a means of truly powerful cleaning, but Sonic Soak has scaled it down and made it accessible to the average consumer.

What do I need to make Sonic Soak work?

All you need is a clean container of water and connection to electric power.

What kind of container do I use to wash my clothes?

You can use a sink, a bucket, a bowl, even a plastic bag. Anything that can safely hold water would work. Sonic Soak is not picky.

What do I do with my clothes after using Sonic Soak?

Sonic Soak has the cleaning part covered, so the next step would be to rinse and dry, and your stuff is all set to be worn again the next day.

How much laundry can I wash in one load?

We recommend washing up to 4 lbs worth of items. Heavier items like jeans and bedding are not recommended for use with Sonic Soak.

Can the Sonic Soak replace my washing machine?

For frequent travelers and small households and families, Sonic Soak is the perfect washing machine replacement. It's perfect for helping you save on water, space, and energy - especially if you don't have large loads of laundry.

What’s the difference in quality between using Sonic Soak and washing in the machine?

Thanks to ultrasonic waves that reach bacteria and dirt at the microscopic level of your dirty items, Sonic Soak can reach areas your washer can’t. In the end, you get clothes that are not only much cleaner, but also gently washed without all the banging and sloshing from the washing machine.

When will I receive my Sonic Soak?

Shipping will begin less than 2 months after project funding ends. You will be immediately notified when we’ve hit our target, and your ultrasonic cleaning dreams will come true in no time.

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