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Gabriel Lee

Enrich the atmosphere around you with Solaris, the celestial bracelet you can infuse with your favourite fragrance.

The latest innovation set to join the Lockstone range. Modelled on the planets around us, Solaris puts you at the centre of the Solar System.

The Heavens Brought Down To Earth

The planets. Our home and our neighbours. From the scorched surface of Mercury to the icy reaches of Neptune, the rocky deserts of Mars to the great gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn, our solar system is a rich, diverse collection of worlds, each unique, but each part of our celestial identity here on Earth.

So esteemed by the human race, the planets were named for gods and deities beyond imagining, yet they remain so far away, mere flickers of light to the naked eye, if even that.

Bringing the massive down to the microscopic scale, we’ve taken the planets and our home as inspiration for Solaris, paying homage to the greatest jewels we can see, giving them a home close to us and those around us in the form of discreet, minimal jewellery.

Solaris uses our unique Lockstone material, so whatever your scent, Lockstone captures it, needing only a few sprays that will last up to seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it, so you will have the fresh scent of your fragrance with you throughout the day.

Whatever your scent, Solaris captures it, needing only a single spray that will bring your unique element to any atmosphere.

Your Favourite Fragrance All Day Long

The specific science that we draw upon is capillary action – where water molecules are drawn deep into the material, to migrate slowly back up to the surface through osmosis. It is then that the water evaporates, releasing the fragrance: slow, sustained scent release.

Our patent pending material draws fragrance in, slowly releasing the scent over a long duration. For you this means longer lasting and better performing fragrances, where expensive designer scents enjoy a longer life and through which an aroma can be sustained far beyond a single day’s wear.

Our signature minimalism makes Solaris a piece that can be teamed with any style - as suited to men as they are to women, and as wearable for the formal occasion as they are for the every day.


Lockstone Pendants, capture and enhance your fragrance with this range of signature pendants. 

Lockstone One Steel // Lockstone One Copper // Lockstone One Brass // Lockstone Geo Bolt 


Lockstone Geo Hex // Lockstone Geo Tri // Lockstone Plus Steel with waxed cotton necklace // Lockstone Plus Steel with Steel Chain 

Lockstone Plus Gold // Lockstone Plus Rose Gold // Saturn Pendant // Saturn Pendant with Stainless Steel Necklace


Lockstone Bracelets, capture and enhance your fragrance with these semi precious premium bracelets.


Lockstone One Black Pearl Bracelet // Solaris Agate Bracelet // Solaris Aurora Bracelet 

Solaris Io // Solaris Meteor // Solaris Nebula 


Lockstone cuff links. Capture and enhance your fragrance with this range of quality cuff links. Turned from one solid piece of metal, Lockstone cuff links are extremely durable for every day use and by having a button style, are designed to remove the pain of putting on cuff links.


Lockstone One Steel Cufflinks // Lockstone One Copper Cufflinks // Lockstone One Brass Cufflinks 

Nightfall Collection 

Nightfall is a patent pending accessory collection that allows you to infuse your favourite fragrances with our bracelets and pendants. This infusion increases the effectiveness and throw of any of your perfumes or colognes.

So lets face it, you spend WAY over the odds for a well marketed, fashionable fragrance that smells incredible. You spray this magical aroma of the gods all over your arms and neck, covering yourself in a mist of euphoria. You head outside with your head held high, empowered by your new found godly aura. You get to the office and start waiting for people to notice how great you smell... but they never do... then you realise that £100 bottle of well marketed, fashionable and incredible smelling perfume only lasted a few hours. What a rip off! 

That's why we created the Lockstone™ material. We dedicated over a years worth of research and development to create the ultimate way to enhance the effectiveness of fragrances. Now we've improved upon that even further with increased surface area and our composite Lockstone™   

So simple, yet amazingly effective.
So simple, yet amazingly effective.

Crafted from our unique Lockstone™ material, Nightfall captures your favourite fragrance with just a few sprays – for a scent that lasts up to seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it.

The latest addition to our Lockstone™ range, Nightfall embodies the phases of our moon and is inspired by the night sky.

Everything is lined up to ship out in October to give you a head start on the gift hunt for Christmas. However we will endeavour to get things moving sooner if we can. We have 7 campaign's worth of experience shipping out large batches of our products, so fear not, we will deliver on our promise.

Nightfall brings a year’s worth of development to the fore, introducing all new designs for 2017. Alongside our phases of the Moon bracelet, Luna, we are proud to introduce the next stage of Lockstone technology. 

In our Elite pendants, you can now use oil based perfumes and you’re no longer limited to alcohol based fragrances. With a variety of bracelets reflecting times of day and the all new Orion pendants giving you greater flexibility in fragrance choices, Nightfall elevates Lockstone to the next level.

When the hustle and bustle of the day dies. When the sun sinks. When the majesty of the night emerges, a canopy littered with countless stars, ancient constellations and distant heavenly bodies, true natural beauty is revealed – to be revelled in, to be a source of inspiration for products just like ours.

The Moon has fascinated and intrigued for millennia, forming the stuff of fables, myths and legends. As controller of our tides and foundation of our calendar, the Moon is revered and honoured in equal measure. 

Representing change and growth, the lunar phases reflect life sequences - constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing as do the lives of everyone and everything. The Nightfall bracelet focuses on the ever changing Moon, waxing and waning, from crescent, to full, to new.

Innovation drives all of our products and we simply don’t believe in standing still. Our pendant range has been significantly upgraded with increased surface area for maximum hold of every fragrance and a brand new composite stone suitable for oil based scents. 

The Lockstone Elite is a composite stone that's been teamed with a dense natural fibre. The fibres act as the central reservoir for both alcohol and oil based perfumes. This allows the Elite stone to absorb twice as much fragrance than the standard stone, while still utilising the Lockstone's micro-porous structure and thus the scent releasing effect is greatly enhanced.

  • The standard Lockstone is designed to work with any alcohol based fragrance.
  • The Lockstone Elite is designed to work with both alcohol and oil based perfumes.

The pumice stone: on the outside, it’s incredibly simple – yet within it are thousands of intricate structures – structures that make for micro aerated pathways, allowing for absorption and moisture-retention for impressively long durations.

By studying this material under the microscope, we’ve created an all-new, patent pending material – LOCKSTONE™. To draw in fragrance and release it over a long duration. For expensive fragrances that are enjoyed for longer – sustained far beyond a single day.

The specific science that we draw upon is capillary action – where water molecules are drawn deep into the material, to migrate slowly back up to the surface through osmosis. It is then that the water evaporates, releasing the fragrance: slow, sustained scent release.

 Luna Eclipse - Discover The Darkness

Our all black Luna bracelet, Eclipse represents the phenomenon of the Moon blocking the Sun’s light as it moves between The Sun and Earth. Often interpreted as an omen or the will of a higher power, an eclipse has been a marvel of nature since mankind first looked up at the stars. 

Eclipse serves as a reminder of the size and scale of the universe around us and our humbling place within it.

Luna - Become The Light

Totally composed of white stones, Luna is the first breaking light of day, The Moon a fading memory of the night before.

Often times, the Moon remains as sunlight scatters across the Earth, a faint white body hanging in the sky, overcome by the power of The Sun, waiting for day to become night and once again be the bright light of night’s sky.

Luna Dusk - Embrace The Change

As the day starts to end and the sky is filled with colour, darkness creeps across the Earth as we turn our back on The Sun.

With the growing blue abyss appearing above us and the dazzling orange, pinks and reds of the sunset begin to disappear beyond the horizon, The Moon starts to shine, replacing the Sun subtly at first before it flourishes to become the dominant light of the ending day.  

Orion - The Talisman Of Strength

Orion remains as much a myth to us today as he was to the Ancient Greeks – his prowess as a hunter has been forever remembered and infinitely re-told, while his silhouette is eternally immortalised as a proud and instantly recognisable constellation amongst a vast and endless sea. 

Now, forged in steel to be worn about the neck, the Orion pendant is a talisman of strength.


Whatever your scent, Lockstone captures it. Simply spray the stones and watch as your fragrance is quickly absorbed and stored within.  

1. Spray Nightfall with your favourite fragrance - Watch as the liquid saturates and is gradually absorbed.  

2. Leave the Lockstone™ for a few minutes – Allowing the fragrance to be fully infused.  

3. Your fragrance will then be locked within the stone - Through its micro absorbent structure your scent will gradually be released throughout the day.


We make all of our bracelets by hand to our standard size guide. If the options available don't suit your particular size, just let us know and we can create a custom bracelet for you. 

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • drylchn
    Just got mine and I want to add that it's quite a statement piece. It looks good on your wrist and doesn't really get in the way of your daily tasks. One thing to note is that for the first few times of using, the colour from the stones will bleed and might stain your clothing. I rested mine on a piece of tissue paper so soak up the ink. Took about 5 times before the ink stopped leaking.
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Oh wow, I didn't know that the ink from the stone will bleed! Thanks for the tip man! Although, how long does the scent stay on for you? (also, we're dropping you Grouphunt credits for sharing this tip!)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Hi Jane! The ink stops bleeding after a while! Anyone looking to buy this should just be careful the first few uses. The scent is usually good for a day or two, but is actually quite subtle. There won't be an overpowering perfume smell coming from the bracelet in case anyone is worried about that!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    A careless person like me would end up forgetting and getting the ink on my clothes. Wondering if it's washable. Like does the ink come off if we accidentally stain our clothes? (not that my clothes aren't already full of stains haha). Scent wise, that sounds great!(:
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Haha! I'm not sure about that actually! But there is a disclaimer in the packaging that tells you to be mindful of the ink bleed as well, so I guess it's better to err on the side of caution.
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Yeah, will keep the let it bleed out suggestion in mind if I get it. Thanks anyway man! (:
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • mir.a
    Any chance of getting their new nightfall series? Thanks!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Sorry for the spam! I dont know how that happened
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Hey Mira! Their nightfall series is now available! :)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Yay omg thank you!! This makes me so happy!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • mir.a
    Any chance of getting their new nightfall series? Thanks!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • mir.a
    Any chance of getting their new nightfall series? Thanks!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • mir.a
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Another hunt for the same product
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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