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Solar Paper by YOLK

The world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger.



Charge any devices via USB cable.

Solar paper can charge almost any device that recharges via USB, including, smartphones, tablets, walkie talkies,flashlights, portable game consoles, cameras, video cameras, and rechargeable batteries.

full charge of iphone 6

Charge Anywhere Under the Sun.

For Solar Paper, we’re manufacturing the latest and most efficient solar panel. Because of this, Solar Paper is the world’s smallest solar charger for the amount of potential wattage it can generate. Solar Paper can reliably charge your smart- phone in about 2.5 hours on a sunny day. That’s about the same as a wall charger.

solar charger for ipad

Easily Expandible Using Magnets.

Solar Paper allows you to expand it in the future if you need to charge larger devices. Our design solution was to create a set of folding solar panels held together using strong magnets. Only need two panels and want to save some weight? No problem. Just bought a tablet and need more wattage to charge it? Also not a problem. There are a couple of other advantages of using magnets in Solar Paper, too. First, there’s no wear and tear on seams when you fold or unfold the panels, greatly extending Solar Paper’s life. The magnets are also quite strong, so you can use them to mount Solar Paper to metal objects, as shown in the picture

solar charger case for iphone 6

Hanging Solar Paper on a backpack.

Use holes on every corner of solar panel. Connectors for holding solar panels together will be included.

portable solar charger

Thin, Lightweight and Durable.

Solar Paper measures just 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm when folded, and each panel weighs only 65~75 (2.5 oz). Watt-for-watt, it is 70 percent smaller and lighter than our closest competitor. Most importantly, Solar Paper is just 1.1 cm deep, at its thickest point, compared to 3.8 cm for our competitor, easy to carry it!


Water resistant.

The solar panel of Solar Paper are is water resistant. Thus, splashing water shall have no harmful effect. However, an USB part is susceptible to corrosion so make sure to dry it well after exposure to water. If the panels have been exposed to seawater or water with salinity, rinsed the panels with clean water and dry. Water resistant level IP54.


Amount of solar power through LCD.

For Solar Paper, we’ve included an LCD amp meter that shows exactly how much current is flowing from the charger to your device at any time. It would let you see how the panel performs under different weather conditions.

Convenient Auto reset.

Unlike other simple devices with a battery, smart devices like smart-phones and tablets would not accept low current caused by insufficient sunlight. In this case, devices have to be manually reset. That means that users have to unplug and replug the cable every time a cloud passes overhead or you walk through a shadow. This is very inconvenient.

We wanted to make Solar Paper as easy as possible for anyone to use, so we have integrated ‘auto-comparison technology’ into the charger, to make it automatically resume powering your devices, after the sun starts soaking it again


Grouphunt Deal

Save 21% when you buy with the Grouphunt community just by using the power of group-buying! The 5W Solar Paper would cost you $215 to buy it alone and to ship it to Singapore. With Grouphunt you only have to pay $169 and delivery is FREE!

If 5W is not enough for you, larger wattage options are available at top-ups ranging from $60 - $230. We require 100 orders for this hunt to go through to if you're interested in making some use of the sun we're always getting, share this with your friends and join the hunt!

Choosing the Right One for You

Top Ups - 7.5W  +$60 | 10W +$120 | 15W +$230

Grouphunt Special - Each Order Comes With a FREE Pouch (worth $18)





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