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How SOI works

The product innovation is based on special sensorics, removing the need for any switches at all.Such detection technology means that simply an approaching hand or a light touch causes SOI to light up. Once a given time period has elapsed, SOI switches off again, fully automatically and energy efficiently. No nearby hands means SOI does not light up. Thanks to high quality LEDs and optimised control circuit programming, battery life is enhanced and lighting power increased. After approximately 6000 cycles (= lighting up and automatically switching off), a change of batteries will be necessary and is a simple procedure to carry out. Weighing less than 50 grams in total, SOI is of negligible weight in every bag.

Technical Data:

Batteries: 2x AAA LR-03,
Power source 3V
max power consumption 40 mA(LED)
diameter: 70.2mm
height: 24mm, weight: 48 g

SOI's production.

In our opinion, a product's development and the conditions of its manufacture are very much tangible properties and readily perceived by customers. Rather than to produce soulless, mass-production articles, it is our business to produce with real added value. SOI is a companion for the long-term and brings a little joy into the lives of her owners.

It is for this reason that we are especially prudent when selecting materials to ensure they are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. For example, the gift box is made of carefully selected, recyclable cardboard, with several special features: the waste paper (100% recycled) we use is neither bleached, nor is the residual colour removed from it. The dark-coloured tones in the cardboard are achieved using environmentally friendly dye containing soot particles. Without exception, all materials used in our packaging have received the environmental seal of approval "Blue Angel Certification". This ensures that even unwrapping SOI is a pleasant experience.

Thanks to innovative technology, high-quality light diodes and the feature that SOI lights up only when needed, this ingenious device fulfils its duty with a minimum of fuss and energy consumption.

SOI is manufactured exclusively in Germany in order to guarantee high-quality production and to shorten transport routes. Responsible manufacturing of SOI is ensured throughout the production process by supervision and compliance with environmental and social standards.

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