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So smart. So connected. Sobro.

Simplify your life & improve your sleep with a smart table that really multi-tasks. With wireless charging, a cooler drawer, bluetooth speakers, LED accent lights and charging, the Sobro Smart Side Table will help you live better.

So smart. 

Whether you’re using it as an amazing end table, or your next gen nightstand, the Sobro Smart Side Table will seamlessly integrate and improve your life.

We're StoreBound, the team that successfully created and shipped that amazing coffee table with a refrigerator drawer, bluetooth speakers, charging, yadda, yadda, yadda. And now we're back with our next big idea.

Your life, reimagined. 

We believe that furniture can help us live better. And that a side table can be so much more than a lamp holder. By incorporating smart technology into our products, we’re creating furniture that can multitask and simplify your life.


So chill. 

The quiet thermoelectric cooler drawer keeps drinks cold always at hand. Silent operation makes it perfect for the bedroom so you’ll never have to get up in the middle of the night for water again.

Sleep better, wake up easier.

Intelligent sleep mode helps you create great sleep habits and keep them. The LED lights on the back of the table can simulate sunrise to help you wake up easily while the built-in white noise generator can drown out noise pollution.* A variety of pleasant sounds will be available through the Sobro App’s Smart Sleep Mode.

* No guarantee to fully cancel your partner’s snoring

A smarter nightlight. 

The LED light bar on the front of the table  is motion activated to guide you safely in the dark. The range for the sensor operates in a 35-45º angle and 3 meter circumference and features 2 colors, warm white and bright white. The duration that the light stays on, the color and  brightness can all be controlled in the Sobro App.

Wireless charging & power.

You asked for it and we did it! Wireless charging for 2 phones is built-in to the top of the Sobro Side Table. We’ve also added 2 USB ports and 2 USB-C Ports along with 2 (120v) outlets on the back so that you’ll always stay powered up. 

Bluetooth Speakers

Experience rich sound from bluetooth stereo speakers. Pair two Sobro Smart Side Tables together for even better audio output and TV audio can also be paired via Bluetooth. 

Light it up.

Accent LED lights on the back of the table can be used for accent and mood lighting and are RGB. With the Sobro App, you can access a full spectrum of colors. By using the Sobro App, you will also be able to sync the lights to your music and control the brightness as well. 

Contain the clutter

With our cable management system, there are 3 magnetic cord wraps on the back of the unit so that your cable clutter stays under wraps. There’s also a channel for arranging cords built into the top of the table and the back of the storage shelf so you can run your charging cords neatly behind the unit.

Future Proof 

We're building in wifi connectivity so that your Sobro Smart Side Table can be updated as tech progresses, can be controlled remotely and can even incorporate IFTTT actions. 

All the bells & whistles...

There are so many features & feedback we received from the first campaign really informed the functions that we've built in to the Sobro Side Table. 

Don't have Sobro FOMO. 

Seriously, remember when bitcoin was $100 - don't miss out on this deal. FOMO, it's the worst. 

Design enhanced by technology

You could get all of this stuff on the left...OR you could just back us and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you're making smart choices. 

The Sobro Smart Side table replaces a lot of stuff so it saves you space too. "What are some of the things it replaces?" you ask... 

A mini fridge, smart light, lockbox, magazine rack, nightlight, alarm clock, a light timer, a noise machine, bluetooth speakers, USB Hub, wireless charging pad, a table and more.  Add all that up and you're looking at a lot of moolah. 

Designed for all

So many backers said that they wished that there was a smaller version of the Sobro Side Table, that we wanted to make sure that the table was a fit for everyone. It's compact enough to fit inside a 350 sq. ft. studio apartment in the East Village, yet roomy enough to hold a lot of stuff. 

Should you want the table to be taller, we will also make a "Lift Kit" available in 2 different heights. 

The Sobro Lift Kit legs are in development but will make the table 24" or 29", tall respectively. 

Our Process 

We've been working hard to bring this product to life and this campaign to Indiegogo, here's a look behind the scenes into our design process...


Our Team 

We have a successful track record of bringing innovative technology into unlikely spaces. In 2016, we shipped the PancakeBot, the world's first pancake printer to over 72 countries all over the world.With the Sobro Coffee Table, we raised over 1.6 Million dollars from over 2000 backers and we were able to ship it within 6 months (we're pretty sure that's some kind of record).

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